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How Christmas in the Philippines Has Changed Over the Years

How Christmas in the Philippines Has Changed Over the Years

Christmas is just maybe, if not the most, one of the most anticipated holiday seasons for Filipinos. After all, we are known to be preparing for Christmas way earlier- freeing up schedules, organizing a reunion, mass purchase of gifts, and assignment of potluck dishes. Christmas is the most festive celebration in the Philippines.

I deem this tradition to be treasured for it shows the love we have for our family and loved ones. However, Christmas doesn’t seem to be the same as it was years ago. Every year as the season comes close, social media platforms swarm with sentiments saying that it no longer feels as festive and that it starts to feel like a normal day. Adulting is one thing, but what makes people think this?

How Christmas in the Philippines has changed over the years

Rare sight of kids singing a Christmas carol

Taking a stroll on the streets used to mean seeing groups of kids left and right loudly singing Christmas carols. You’ll mainly hear the crisp sound of tambourine bouncing on their palm, some would even play a drum and flute. It is like hearing a remix of a bunch of Christmas songs that keep going as you walk.

The occurrence of this tradition continues to decrease in the past few years. Nights have become quieter and quieter now that kids would rather stay home and play games.

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Shorter season

Christmas in the Philippines usually starts in September, that is when you start hearing Christmas songs blast from the speakers of your neighbor. That is also when you go out at night and see blinding lights and lanterns that cover the darkness. Karaoke machines are out on the street, with surrounding chairs and tables full of food and alcohol.


All of these still happen, except no longer in September. It starts in December like everywhere else, not very Filipino.

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