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Pop-Punk Christmas Songs

Pop-Punk Christmas Songs

Punk rock and pop-punk are not all loud and emotional, they can be festive too! Here are a few songs from various punk bands to get you through the coldest but happiest season of the year.

Popular punk band Blink-182 released this Christmas song almost 2 decades ago and it remains a seasonal bop. It is an anti-holiday song with comedic lyrics that will instantly lift your mood just in time for the happiest time of the year.

Oh Ms. Believer – Twenty One Pilots

Now, this might not be a holiday anthem, in fact, it is not a song intended for Christmas. But the lyrics talk a lot about cold, and the snow, coupled with the ringing of bells for percussion makes it fitting for the season.

Christmas saves the year – Twenty One Pilots

Celebrating Christmas in the middle of the pandemic is not as easy as it seems. This song talks about how the season saved 2020. The year when all hell broke loose and the struggles of the covid virus stopped the world from functioning.

Christmas lights – Yellowcard

If you’re one of those folks who long for someone to celebrate Christmas with, this song is for you. This sad holiday song is a song of yearning masked in a festive theme. If you’re secretly wishing to spend the happy season with someone who’s not around, this song is a bop for you!

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Making Christmas- Rise Against 

This is technically not a song that’s intended for Christmas, but it’s the perfect song to hint at the upcoming holiday! This track should be at the very beginning of your season’s playlist because it’s the most fitting intro for the holidays.

What punk holiday song do you think we should add to our playlist?

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