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Words That Should Not Be Used as Insults

Words That Should Not Be Used as Insults

We’ve all had that point in life where others have thrown harsh words at us and made us feel bad about it. However, some of the words that have been hurled to use as insults shouldn’t be as bad as society makes them to be. Here are some words that should not be used as insults in today’s modern times.


Do you remember that time in elementary where kids would bully those who bury themselves in their books and call them nerds? Well, I do. I remember it well and it took to heart before. I just want to go back to those times and smack my little self for feeling insulted by being called a nerd. Being a nerd means we’re people who value intellectual pursuit among other things. And in today’s society, who doesn’t want to be treated as smart?

Even if the word nerd is still being thrown around as an insult nowadays. Hardly anyone should feel insulted by such a claim. Being a nerd rocks! These are the people that are likely to get into a better college, have the best career paths, and would likely rule the world! So if you ever hear anyone calling you a nerd, just smile and thank them for the compliment. You’re gonna get far in life.


Another term that was often used to degrade someone is by calling them, geeks. Nerd and geek are often used interchangeably by a less intellectually blessed person to an intellectually gifted individual. This means those who do not understand the importance of pursuing knowledge and expertise are the more likely to throw these words as insults.

Being a geek means someone knows a lot about something and can talk about this knowledge in detail. These are people that can dedicate days, months to years in order to learn something, anything. They can even be called an expert in the field they choose to obsess with. So what’s so insulting about being a geek that knows literally everything about the things they are passionate about? Next time you hear someone calling others geek, know that you found yourself an expert!


This isn’t the 19th or 20th century anymore. Being gay does not make you any less of a human now or even before. It baffles me how someone’s sexual orientation can become an insult. In the first place, being gay should not mean that they are lesser than a man or a woman. It is truly revolting how people in the past used to condemn someone for being gay. It’s especially disgusting that despite our advancement as species, there are still those who think that using the word gay as an insult is acceptable.

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Using sexual orientation as insult is the lowest of the low. No one should be looked down upon because they choose to be different from the preconceived notion of society as normal. Being gay means breaking away from the disgusting stereotype of society, and that in itself is the bravest revolution I know. If you ever heard of anyone using the word gay as an insult, know that those people do not have enough capability to understand better. Save yourself and stay away from them.


From gay to women, the world simply makes it easier for us to identify that we live in a discriminatory patriarchal society. Notice how using both gay and women as insults are enunciated by men? What better way to inflate their bruised ego than to use the word women to degrade others? According to a study, there are about 2.9 million tweets in a week that contain gender insults, mostly directed toward sexist slurs and feminine stereotypes.

Similar to being gay, living as a woman is admirable in a society that praises and worships men. To begin with, can these self-proclaimed strong, buff men live a day being just a woman? It’s perplexing how women are being degraded and devalued simply for their sexuality. Where in reality, they’ve been living a more difficult and challenging life than any man can ever imagine.

Words are a powerful weapon that should come with great responsibility upon use. Misusing words with ill intent is no different from bullying. So before carelessly flinging them, learn and understand what impact can it create.

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