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Here are some of my favorite K-pop reaction channels on YouTube!

Here are some of my favorite K-pop reaction channels on YouTube!

Watching other people watch your favorite K-pop video is even more entertaining than watching the video itself. You can get hooked! You can’t stop but watch even more reaction content. As powerful as it is, Hallyu has yielded compound entertainment avenues. Giving way for platforms like YouTube to sprout hundreds of communities like reaction channels and such. 

Various creators provide reaction videos on Korean music releases on YouTube, saturating the platform with good picks. Everyone can have the luxury to cave in their reactor of liking. In my case, the more subscribers a channel has the more it is trustworthy of insights.

Personally, the quantity actually signifies the amount of effort they lend to their channel. You see, some YouTube accounts only do content for clout, and we don’t want that environment. Perhaps, it all boils down to the overall vibe of the account. I mean, preference might also fall into the reactor’s tone.

K-pop reaction channels have the tendencies to be skeptical of some acts, this can be an echo chamber for fans or in unfortunate circumstances, haters. To give you a walkthrough of the “no-ass-kisser” YouTubers, here’s my list of seasoned ones:

Here are some of my favorite K-pop reaction channels on YouTube!


When talking about K-pop OGs, Coco or also known as GZBKarma has become a straight-up evident proponent. Second-generation K-pop stans make most of the reaction channels, especially during the bloom of the platform.

From screaming reactions to tear-jerking sympathies to idol group comebacks, her channel has the charm from the get-go. Her simple yet distinct pinpoints on K-pop music videos are the most relatable for viewers.

This transcends to the mutual effect that almost feels like you are talking to someone personally even if you’re not. Actually, I find myself waiting for her content every release as it is truly honest and entertaining.


Yup, Just Random Everyday K-Pop is most likely everyone’s awakening to reaction channels. He is just that funny and quick-witted on his content. A creator that pushed the limits to have chaotic humor in videos, a painful blueprint to some YouTubers. Based in Miami, JRE has quite the celeb connections, being friends with Korean solo artists like Jessi and Amber Liu.

His very western take to dance performances of early 2017 K-Pop made its path to YouTube’s global algorithm. At the time, literally, his face is everywhere. Clever and hilarious, his reactions have now led him to do so many collaborations which fans find immaculately comedic. See it for yourself, go on and play that intro.

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A bunch of musically-inclined classic and jazz students, all novices of K-Pop but also have the ears for new stuff. There’s nothing I can ask for, ReacttotheK is that reaction channel. Giving opinions and thorough sonic explanations of the genre, their music theories, and their foundations is very interesting to witness. Or if you’re also into classical terms, a free crash course at least.

Measures, syncopations, accompaniments, and even vocals. Name it, this panel of reactors can condense it to a well-expounded interpretation. Handled by Umu, our resident K-Pop enthusiast, the reaction channel interjects degree candidates into the world of bubblegum pop. If you want a creator that minds exquisite output to your favorite’s comebacks, you might want to click that subscribe button right now.

Form of Therapy

Focused on visual appeal and film aspects, Kulture Study became my staple outlet when it comes to day-by-day hustle. PD’s all-in-one debunking of each K-Pop music video flows from the song’s clarity up to his outlook on the elements present in the material. He’s also entertaining and his well-spoken narratives to comebacks speak the channel’s name for itself.

Sterling of his views on Korean production and music, his reaction account does gain a nice amount of subscription and following as he deserves. The way Form of Therapy became one of K-Pop’s prominent reaction channels attests to how big the Korean idol industry is now. Indeed, as the 5th generation is approaching in a couple of years, we need more discernment coming from our one and only K-Pop PD.

It’s true, K-Pop is not meant to experience alone. Some who are in form of digital companions can be more fun to go to. So, do we have similar names for comfort YouTube channels?

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