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Gen Z K-Pop Idols and Their Relatable Moments

Gen Z K-Pop Idols and Their Relatable Moments

In the stereotypical scene, K-Pop idols are commonly seen as perfect human beings with god-like features. But that’s not really the case for me; when in fact — they are also just like us, ordinary people. Idols also have their crazy and quirky side, especially Gen Z!

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Gen Z or Generation Z is the generational cohort following millennials, born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. Compared to other generations, social media started to become the highlight of society during Gen Z’s birth. So, K-Pop idols born within this era can understand their young fans more, when it comes to the latest trends. 

Here are some Gen Z idols and their relatable moments that leave fans with an LMAO!

SEVENTEEN Vernon and his typings

The design is very Gen Z! Vernon interacts with CARATs on Weverse like your local bestie. Slangs? Acronyms? Humor? In Vernon, we stan!

Weverse | SEVENTEEN Artist Vernon

NCT Haechan and his bop

As a fellow Gen Z, I could definitely relate to Haechan! Can you imagine how frustrating it is to explain slang to boomers and millennials? But at the same time, it can also be amusing to see their confused reactions! No worries, ilichil millennials, your songs are defo a BOP!

YouTube | Haechan explaining its a bop from TALK ABOUT

STRAY KIDS Felix and his TikTok videos

TikTok is a trendy app for Gen Z kids, for sure! And that includes our resident sunshine, Felix, who is often seen posting random videos on their account. Gen Z doesn’t need any specific concept or reason to record. Sometimes, spacing out with a sound on a background, as Felix did, is enough to call it a trend.

TikTok | jypestraykids

WayV Yangyang and his 3-in-1 greeting

Two birthdays and a Father’s Day in just one day? No worries, Yangyang got it covered by greeting his co-member, Xiaojun, his father, and his cousin all at the same time! What a unique and funny way to greet them. Better than forgetting someone’s special day, right?

Instagram Story | yangyang_x2

LE SSERAFIM Yunjin and her fan service

K-Pop idols are fond of doing fan service to keep their fans happier through interactions. However, Yunjin, the Gen Z princess, levels up by doing a TikTok challenge with a FEARNOT! A popular trend called ‘Rosalia Challenge’ is to act sassy in front of somebody. It could be a friend, a family, or even a fan! Huh, Yunjin is, for sure, lurking around when she is a natural at this!

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TikTok | por.nii

AESPA Ningning and her memes

There’s really something about memes that speaks volumes to our emotions. Ningning doesn’t hesitate to hold back by sending memes to MYs on LYSN. Even without any context, memes are our life saviors in times of speechlessness. And that is such a Gen Z thing to do!

LYSN | AESPA Bubble Ningning

Finding a bestie within your Gen Z idol

Perhaps younger fans are easily attracted to stan a fellow Gen Z because of their relatable personality and humor. The lower their age is, the higher the chances they exhibit a trendy identity. Personally speaking, these kinds of idols led to my interest in getting to know them as a group. And because they are similar to my generation, they also serve as a reflection or inspiration in life.

Who is your favorite Gen Z K-Pop idol and why? Feel free to share it with us!

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