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PENSHOPPE owns the “most supportive” title among NCT DREAM’s endorsements

PENSHOPPE owns the “most supportive” title among NCT DREAM’s endorsements

PENSHOPPE is a casual wear retail brand based in the Philippines that was established in 1986. It is famous for its affordable yet high quality clothing goods perfect for every Filipino’s #OOTD. For years, not only local celebrities have been endorsing this brand, but Korean superstars as well. This includes the future of K-Pop’s NCT DREAM.

As their ambassador, it is expected for PENSHOPPE to promote NCT DREAM throughout the contract’s duration. However, what shocked NCTzens was PENSHOPPE broadcasts them like no other. From 7DREAM’s clothing line to their music achievements, PENSHOPPE wears the crown as their most supportive endorsement.


PENSHOPPE as NCT DREAM’s support system is heavily evident, and here is why!

Extending their congratulatory messages publicly for NCT DREAM.

Who else does it like Team PENSHOPPE?! Their overwhelming praise for NCT DREAM truly shows how they do not put a strict professional barrier between their endorsers. But, they also approach them like any other fan does — with admiration. NCT DREAM works hard for their achievements and currently stand where they belong. Receiving an acknowledgment from their sponsored brand must have been heartwarming!

When they participate in NCTzens’ Twitter hashtag parties.

It isn’t quite common for brands to participate with fans’ Twitter hashtags. They would rather make their own trend for the sake of “professionalism.” But, PENSHOPPE will never let NCTzens down! Their friendly interactions towards fans can be clearly seen from the hashtag parties.

When they provide discounts for NCTzens to celebrate NCT DREAM’s movie.

Who needs couple shirts when you can match with your bias anyway? Not only can NCTZens enjoy watching NCT DREAM’s successful film, but also pull off their discounted apparel. I bet there was definitely a flock of NCTzens wearing PENSHOPPE clothes and gathering around in the theaters that day.

When the fam joins NCT DREAM’s trendy challenge.

December was the perfect time to advertise PENSHOPPE’s Christmas collection of NCT DREAM. As well as promoting NCT DREAM’s song for the holidays, Candy! Team PENSHOPPE is unafraid to shake their ass and join NCT DREAM’s TikTok Challenge of the song! Aww~ that’s so sweet of them like candy!

TikTok | penshoppe

Of course, creativity matters when making captions for promotional ads. PENSHOPPE never fails to do so by including keywords related to NCT DREAM! Their rhyming word play is, indeed, fun to read while they promote the product and 7DREAM at the same time! It also forms a connection within the NCTzens who can relate to, somehow.

PENSHOPPE are the biggest CZENNIES!

If only they could promote NCT DREAM for the rest of their lives! Gee, that sounds like a dream we can only imagine. PENSHOPPE’s massive support for NCT DREAM may not last forever; but for NCTzens, their unforgettable efforts will always be remembered.


As a new year approaches, we’re uncertain of how many days will be left until their association with 7DREAM ends. But, I am certain that the happiness they brought to the boys and their fans will surely remain for a very long time. PENSHOPPE is not only your typical brand, but they are also CZENNIES’ to-go in extending support for the seven superstars.

Drip check! What’s your favorite collection from PENSHOPPE? Comment down below!

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