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5 K-Pop Unpopular Opinions the World Needs to Hear!

5 K-Pop Unpopular Opinions the World Needs to Hear!

The Hallyu wave gained widespread popularity worldwide. And, each fandom sees the enormous world of K-Pop from a distinct perspective. Even if they all have one thing in common – literally K-Pop – they still disagree on quite a few things. And, it appears that everyone brought theirs to social media.

5 K-Pop Unpopular Opinions the World Needs to Hear!

Shipping idols is weird (or shipping your biases with A. yourself and B. each other)

They are real people, not fictional characters. Shipping idols with another idol is very common in the K-Pop scene. For some fans, it gets weird when other “delusional” fans try to prove that the relationship is, in fact, real.

Shipping is really weird

Shipping idols have even gone on to make fan-fiction stories. Sometimes, it gets out of hand. They may appear to be a little creepy at times. Many fans fantasized about dating one of their idols.

However, given the rarity of such a dream they might as well ship them together. Shipping idols with other idols are entertaining at first. However, once fans crossed the lines, it is time to stop.

Lip-syncing is not always a bad thing.

In the K-Pop industry, lip-syncing is a normal practice (especially on shows). Some fans feel terrible and think K-Pop idols should always sing in front of a live audience because they underwent vocal training. Meanwhile, it is neither bad nor good for some. Dancing and moving continually make it challenging to obtain a solid voice while performing.

some of u need to accept a lot of groups lipsync at times. it isn’t a bad thing. they are performing extremely hard dances while trying to sing and entertain. stop attacking ppl for claiming they use it on things like award shows. #KpopUnpopularOpinions

Talent > Visual 

Some fans should start to appreciate the idols’ talents rather than merely their visuals.

Some of yalls stan popularity and visuals not ACTUAL Talent. #KPOPUNPOPULAROPINIONS

It is no secret that the K-Pop industry is filled with exceptionally attractive people. Unfortunately, fans overlooked their talents in favor of their physical beauty. It may appear flattering on the outside, but for the idols who have worked so hard to master their craft, it is a rejection of their hard work.

Fan wars are dumb and pointless.

If you’re a K-pop fan, you’re probably familiar with fan wars between fandoms. People will always appear bored enough to engage in a stupid fan war for petty reasons. Some “mature” fans are puzzled why fighting people online is the first thing that comes to mind when bored.

Fan wars are really dumb & pointless. Multiple talented artists can exist at the same time. Enjoy music, don’t fight.

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Fan war is both fun and destructive, as well as harmful to one’s overall health and well-being of a fan. However, given the competitive sense of K-Pop, it is almost unavoidable that situations arise in which fandoms of different idol groups come into conflict with one another at some time.

People judged female K-pop acts more harshly than their male counterparts.

It’s the double standard for me; sexism, if you ask me.

problematic girl groups are given wayyyyy more shit then problematic boy groups and it’s truly frustrating y’all pick n choose.

K-pop experts have noted that, in the industry, people judged female K-pop acts more harshly than their male counterparts. Some girl group stans believe that the pressures put on girl groups are greater than those placed on boy groups.

For instance, IU released the song Twenty-three. The song discussed the pressure placed on female celebrities. Rather than sparking a public dialogue about double standards and pedophiliac overtones of dressing grown women like schoolgirls, they accused her of using pedophiliac imagery to promote her records. Sure, male celebrities receive these negativities as well. However, female artists face significant double standards, notably in terms of how their private lives are seen.

Everyone has an opinion on something, and they are, without a doubt, within their rights to express that opinion. Some opinions are universally supported, with everyone nodding in agreement, while others are quite unpopular and are widely disagreed with. These unpopular opinions sparked fan fights and controversies, but at the end of the day, most of these opinions are quite justified. What is your unpopular opinion about K-Pop?

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