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Go crazy for Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK interactions at VMAs

Go crazy for Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK interactions at VMAs

It’s TayPink in your area! Global superstars, Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK are the highlights of the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Not only graced the show with top-tier beauties but also bagged numerous awards in their pockets.

Swift went home with three awards such as Best Direction and Best Long Form Video for her short film directorial debut, All Too Well.

YouTube | MTV

Furthermore, making history doesn’t tire Miss Blondie as she earned the Video of the Year, still for All Too Well: The Short Film. This made the music icon the only artist who won the major award three times in their career!

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK performed their pre-release single, Pink Venom, on the VMAs stage.

YouTube | MTV

Also, the record-breaking girl group snatch the awards for their two nominations— Best Metaverse Performance for BLACKPINK The Virtual – PUBG, while Lisa won Best K-pop for Lalisa, her debut solo single.

Swifties and BLINKs are proud of their favorite artists’ achievements, yet, they have been fed more than they expected. Check out the little interactions between Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK during the 2022 VMAs that we go crazy for!

1. Miss Blondie’s TikTok

Before arriving at VMAs, Taylor Swift showed off her jeweled mini dress outfit on TikTok. She debuted BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom on her account as the only K-pop song she ever used.


Team All Too Well bringing the emotional pain to the VMAs… 🧣

♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Swift even lip synced “I bring the pain like” and played with the lyrics for her caption: “Team All Too Well brings the emotional pain to the VMAs.” Miss blondie, with your video, it’s never an emotional pain, but rather emotionally happy!

2. Killing the Pink Venom performance

Taylor Swift definitely enjoyed Pink Venom as fans filmed her singing and dancing along during the performance of BLACKPINK in VMAs. Look how she stood up and screamed for the girls!

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♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Also, Swifties and Blinks cannot help themselves but to gush for Miss Blondie tried to sing the Korean lyrics too. Thus, fans came up with a conclusion that Pink Venom is really on Tay’s repeat playlist!

3. Taylor x Rosé moments

Queen things only as Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK’s Rosé bonded at the VMAs After Party. The two singers with superb vocals took a photo together with American singer, Sabrina Carpenter, too. Meanwhile, the fans saved all the crumbs they could get, yet still wanting more interactions from them.

Photo | 2022 Getty Images

Can we expect a collaboration from the two global superstars, Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK? Beacuse, that will surely make more headlines than they already do!

Stream the pre-release single of BLACKPINK, Pink Venom. While look forward to Taylor Swift’s upcoming 10th studio album, Midnights on October 21st.

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