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BLACKPINK returns; proves they are still the biggest girl group worldwide

BLACKPINK returns; proves they are still the biggest girl group worldwide

The long wait is over! BLACKPINK is back to prove the throne is theirs for the taking and here to offer the fans their possibly darkest concept to date.

Photo Credit | BLACKPINK

Anticipation for BLACKPINK’s new music is evident in the views that each concept teasers receive on YouTube. Fifteen-second teasers feature each member, hitting 500 thousand views in less than ten minutes. This, of course, accumulates an average view of 8.6 million on every individual teaser.

Numbers don’t lie. 24 hours after YG Entertainment dropped the pre-order link for BLACKPINK’s sophomore album Born Pink, it already reached a staggering 142 thousand pre-orders.

BLACKPINK and their special track, Ready For Love

Ready for Love was a track fans have long been hearing since the release of their documentary film on Netflix – BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. Months before its release, fans illegally posted the song on YouTube. However, that didn’t stop the track to earn the #1 spot on the Global YouTube Music Videos Chart and went on to gain 18.7 million views in the first 24 hours on the platform (PUBG Mobile and BLACKPINK official channel combined).

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Photo Credit | PUBG Mobile

The special track lacks promotion from YG Entertainment and did not even have its release on platforms. Despite that, it debuted at #196 on the Billboard Global 200 Chart and at #97 on the Billboard Global 200 excl. US chart. To top it all off, Ready for Love earned BLACKPINK one of their two VMA nominations this year – Best Metaverse Performance. 

First-ever all-female K-Pop act to perform on VMAs!

VMAs announced the quartet sets to perform at the upcoming award show scheduled on August 28. Of course, this makes them the first-ever all-female K-pop act to grace the stage of the prestigious international award-giving body. With the timing, it’s not impossible for BLACKPINK to make the stage of VMAs their comeback stage for their pre-release single Pink Venom.

Now that BLACKPINK is back, they’re leaping to present themselves on the bigger stage. As Korean award shows continue to invalidate their success, more international opportunities will make these ladies of K-Pop a stronger force to be reckoned with.

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