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Taylor Swift’s New Album: What Do We Know About It?

Taylor Swift’s New Album: What Do We Know About It?

We were all surprised with Taylor Swift’s appearance on this year’s VMA’s, but what surprised us the most is the announcement of her new album on the way!

Truthfully, being a swiftie by heart, I was expecting another re-recording from her but she was truly generous for giving us another set of songs to cry over to.

Our swiftie hearts have once again swooned for this yet another masterpierce from our one-and-only Taylor!

Here’s what we know so far:

Taylor announced her new album while accepting an award at the VMA’s

Taylor Swift surprised us all with her VMA’s appearance wearing a black silver minidress. Adorned with very beautiful jewelries that embodied her powerful aura!

All our jaws were well on the ground when she arrived on a dashing moment and we have truly been blessed by her appearance!

She announced her new album during her very iconic speech after winning Video of the Year for the third time.

It was a very impactful moment in the music industry and to be paired with an album announcement gave it such a bang.

Taylor posted more details in Instagram

I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand-new album comes out Oct. 21. And I will tell you more at midnight

From Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the ‘Video of the Year’ award in VMA’s 2022

She said she’ll tell us more at midnight and she did!

Through her own instagram post, Taylor Swift has shared with us that she’ll have 13 tracks on her new album that will be available on October 21.

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She has revealed that her new album is a collection of music that she has made in the middle of the night. During of which she experienced terrors and sweet dreams.

We all can’t wait for her new album and we’ll start counting our sleeps today!

Tayloy gave details for the pre-order of her album

Taylor Swift has shared a link for all the swifties to pre-order her album and we’re all not ready for this gastos!

You can choose between a vinyl, CD, cassette, or a digital album on which to purchase.

Let’s take our picks fast and support Taylor on her newest album in the best way that we can!

Photo Credits to: Taylor Swift Official Store

What about you? What are you excited about Taylor Swift’s upcoming album? Share it wth us!

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