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OPINION: Reasons Why Treasure is One of the Most Relatable K-Pop Artists

OPINION: Reasons Why Treasure is One of the Most Relatable K-Pop Artists

Treasure is the youngest boy group of YG Entertainment, one of K-Pop’s legendary agencies of the time. They consist of 18 to 24-year-olds that we consider now as part of Gen Z. These youngsters show the things other K-Pop generations haven’t done in their time. And this is what makes Treasure one of the most relatable K-Pop artists in their generation.

Sleeping is life

Being an idol is hard and it comes with a messed up sleeping schedule. But surely, there are a lot of idols who are a fan of sleeping, and Treasure members are one of them.

When asked about who sleeps the most in their group, Treasure comes up with a unanimous decision on choosing Junkyu. As one of the most introverted persons in the group, Junkyu truly lives his life being alone; sleeping most of the time.

If sleeping is life, then food is lifer

Of course, Treasure has to undergo a strict diet when they have a comeback. But these boys never let an opportunity pass, especially when it comes to food.

In their first episode of Treasure Map, Treasure’s variety show, they cook and tried to eat almost 300 servings of tteokbokki and gimbap. In another episode of the same show, Gentle Monster gave each of them a cake that the boys finished, just like any regular person will do. Some of the leftover cakes are even finished by Junkyu and Haruto.

Introvert things

Treasure’s Junkyu and Asahi may be two of the most introverted idols in the K-Pop industry. In one of the episodes of Treasure Map Season 2, the group is divided in half to let the members experience the life of the most introverted and extroverted members of the group, Hyunsuk, and Junkyu. In the same episode is where Junkyu’s one of the most popular quotes came from.


Here are some clips of them being just regular introverts avoiding the center of the attraction, despite being an idol.

What is exercise?

Since Treasure basically started with almost half of them being teenagers, most of them are not fond of doing exercises. Because of this Treasure is bad in sports as in exercising.

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Aside from this, Treasure is also a group that debuted in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. And as we all know, we all got stuck in our own houses without anything to do. Making our bones sturdy as hell.

A group of men who can’t pretend

Treasure is one of the realest K-Pop groups out there. Although they are idols in their profession, Treasure has a unique way to remind everyone that they are still humans. And that is by being real and honest.

Unlike other artists who like to flirt with their fans, Jihoon always keeps it real and draws a line between the fans and himself. It was as if reminding the fans that they are still humans despite their profession as an idol.

All in all, Treasure is just one of the numerous K-Pop artists and groups that fans can relate to. Who do you think is the most relatable group in history? Share yours in the comments!

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