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The Pain and Bane of Being a K-Pop Idol

The Pain and Bane of Being a K-Pop Idol

The Philippines is perhaps one of the most avid consumers and audiences of Korean pop. We applaud and cheer for our biases and stands. We adore the talent and music of K-pop idols. However, behind the curtains of every stage, they perform in, are great pains and banes.

Extreme Diet Culture

Management or record labels usually require idols to maintain a very strict diet. This is especially true for female K-pop idols. Contractual obligations of idols sometimes even include these forms of extreme diet practices. An example of this diet is the “cucumber diet”. Dasom Sistar utilized this diet and reportedly lost 10-kilo grams after only 3 weeks.

Restricted Love Life

Some record labels and management companies require K-pop idols to have a very restrictive personal life. Furthermore, multiple managements also ask idols to ensure that they do not engage in relations. On the reasons that it may distract them from their training and duties. However, many fans know that K-pop idols are prohibited from dating in order to maintain their marketability.

Mental Health Issues of K-pop Idols

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Management forces idols beyond their limits to meet the demands of the competitive pop culture industry. They sacrifice mental health for the sake of popularity and engagement.

Stans and fans have the responsibility to call upon a change in the industry. As fans, we have to protect those that we idolize. The industry that they belong in is abusive and oppressive. We have to make better efforts to ensure enhanced treatment of the idols that the industry manages.

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