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02-Liners: Successful K-Pop Idols Who Are Born in 2002

02-Liners: Successful K-Pop Idols Who Are Born in 2002

Being a successful K-Pop star at a young age in K-Pop is one of the greatest achievements you could ever have.

With the rapid growth of the Hallyu wave in the international scene, more and more K-pop idols start to emerge at a young age. They become the center of attraction and attention of fans. Drawing mixed reactions to how they achieved being an idol at a young age. Because of this, we are listing down K-pop idols who were born in 2002 achieving the successful goal of becoming an idol.

Successful K-Pop Idol who are born in 2002

Park Ji Sung | NCT, NCT DREAM

Photo from: Pinterest/@BEOMC0DE

The K-pop idol Jisung was born on February 5, 2002, in Seoul, South Korea. He’s a dancer, rapper, vocalist, and the maknae (youngest) in the SM Entertainment group NCT. Before becoming a member of NCT, he was a trainee in SM Ent. starting in 2013. After a month of training, he was introduced as an SM Rookie and later became part of NCT Dream with their debut ‘Chewing Gum’ in 2016. After that, all his success lead to where he is now—as a successful idol and Maknae of SM Entertainment.

Im Yeojin | LOONA

Photo from: Pinterest/@hoshzips

Im Yeojin from the girl group LOONA was born on November 11, 2002 in Guro, South Korea. She was an only child born with talents that an idol possesses. Yeojin is the vocalist, rapper, and maknae of the group, debuting her solo song ‘Kiss Later’ on January 15, 2017. Being a member of LOONA she can be described as the vitamin of the group because of her personality and never-ending sunshine. Yeojin proved to be a one-of-a-kind idol having to present a loud yet calming presence.

Kai Kamal Huening | 4th Gen K-pop Gem | TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Photo from: Pinterest/@beomgyusemogf

The TXT’s maknae was born on August 14, 2002 in Hawaii, USA. Before his debut, their family is already famous thanks to his father Nabil David Huening, who is a singer and celebrity in China, having exposure in the limelight since he was a kid. After a long trainee in the BigHit company, he debuted in the 5-member group TXT in March. Aside from being a talented singer and dancer, HueningKai is a music producer—having produced some of TXT’s songs.


Photo from: Pinterest/@aurablossom

He was born on February 5, 2002 in Gungnam-gu, South Korea. Before becoming an idol he was already making his name in the modeling industry ever since he was a child. He was a model for kids’ clothing and toys, scouted to be in many commercials. Because of that, when he reached his teenage years, almost 20 companies scouted him to be an idol and chose BigHit to train for 3 years and eventually debut as a member. Taehyun has great vocals, making him one of the best from Hybe Labels. As an idol, he loves to give advice to his fans whenever they ask questions whether personal or idol experience, making him loved by many fans and non-TXT fans.

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Ning Yizhuo | aespa

Photo from: Pinterest/@pizzalenax

Ning Yizhuo or popularly called Ningning is an aespa member born on October 23, 2002. She is a Chinese member known for her amazing vocal range. Ningning became part and member of SM Rookie in 2016. On November 17, 2020, she debuted on the 4-member girl group aepa with the song ‘Black Mamba’ alongside Winter, Giselle, and Karina. Although they are a rookie group, they continue to prove to be dominant when it comes to popularity and has already won several awards. Ningning as a member shows dedication and proves to be SM Ent. powerful vocal idol.

Lee Chae Young | STAYC

Photo from: Pinterest/@ac_24

Born on January 23, 2002, Lee Chae Young or popularly known as Isa is the lead vocalist of the group STAYC. She joined as a  trainee in High Up in 2018 and laddered her way up to her dream debuting in the 6-member girl group No one is prepared for how great she was in singing and dancing considering they just started as a group on November 12, 2020. Additionally, Isa shows a fresh and new face to the K-Pop industry making her one of the standards among the 4th generation idols. As the group climbs up to the top, Isa proves she’s one to look at.

Park Jong-Seong | ENHYPEN

Photo from: Pinterest/@f4iry_wonie

Meanwhile, the Korean-American member Park Joeong-Seon or Jay was born on April 20, 2002. He’s the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of ENHYPEN. As an idol, he started his career as a trainee in Big Hit Entertainment, training for about 2 years and eleven months before joining the survival show I-LAND. During the show, he proved to be the one to look at and earned 2nd place making his debut on the 7-member group ENHYPEN. Although he’s portrayed to have a dark and sexy aura, Jay is a funny guy providing laughter and energy to the group.

These idols may seem to be in their teenage years, but their passion and love for music make them exceptional indeed. I know for a fact that this list is short for many K-pop idols making their name in the industry, but we’re sure to mention them soon. For now, let’s support these idols in their respective careers.

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