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Fuschia Ravena’s personal twist for her MIQ National Costume

Fuschia Ravena’s personal twist for her MIQ National Costume

Fuschia Ravena Miss International Queen National Costume

It’s only a few days away before the coronation night of Miss International Queen 2022! The biggest international pageant for transgender women is currently happening in Thailand and of course, the competition starting to get fierce. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for our representative, Fuschia Anne Ravena because she is slaying it!

Fuschia, who’s vying for our third MIQ title, turned heads from the moment she arrived, and rightfully so. She’s not only stunning, but she also exudes the competitive yet calm and collected demeanor that every Filipina candidate possesses. Not to mention that her daily wardrobe is curated to perfection.

Throughout her journey, Fuschia has been donning designs from some of the best designers in the country. In fact, an example is this stunning ‘red sparrow’ dress that she wore for the pageant’s sashing ceremony. This was designed by famed pageant designer Cary Santiago.

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Another is this fun silver Keith Bacayo outfit, which helped Fuschia place among the Top 12 finalists for the Talent showcase.

But wait, the fashion doesn’t stop there; MIQ hosted its national costume presentation last Sunday, and Queen Fuschia certainly didn’t disappoint.

‘The Santa Cruzan’

Wearing another Cary Santiago creation. The costume plays on the the yearly tradition that highlights beauty, grace and immaculate faith, but adds something new.

According to Santiago, the dress, which was carefully hand stitched was designed to mimic a “REINA” or a Queen.

“The majestic arc with the cross symbolizes triumph with the red velvet curtain symbolizing royalty. The intricate details and patterns pay homage to the craftsmanship of our ancestors with the bosom flowers representing the decor of the ‘KARUSA’ (carriage). The ornate doll is depicting the candidate herself. IT’S FUSCHIA WEARING FUSCHIA”.

Furthermore, Santiago also adds that the dress pays tribute to the Quincentennial Commemoration (500 years) of the Magallanes-Elcano Expedition. Given Fuschia’s origins in Cebu and the province’s historical significance, consequently this added power to her presentation.

The finals of Miss International Queen 2022 will take place on Saturday, June 25 in Pattaya, Thailand. The Philippines has been doing great in the pageant, not to mention that country have produced 2 winners: Kevin Balot in 2012 and Trixie Maristela in 2015.

Will Fuschia follow Kevin and Trixie’s footsteps? Yes, we firmly believe so! Best of luck to you Queen Fuschia!

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