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Money Heist Korea premieres on June 24 — and here’s what you need to know

Money Heist Korea premieres on June 24 — and here’s what you need to know

Heads up, Netflix and Korean Drama fans! As you might already know, your favorite Spanish thieves are getting their Korean counterparts. And, they will be coming on your screen this June 24, 2022. The official title of the Korean adaptation is Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. Since it is just around the corner, here are some things you need to know.

The Money Heist Korea Mask

The iconic mask of the thieves will have a fresh look.

The Money Heist Korea Masks of the gang.
Photo from Netflix

If you have already watched its trailer, you might notice that the masks are traditional Korean masks commonly seen in dance performances in Korean Dramas. These masks are the Hahoetal masks of Korea. These masks are usually worn by the performers featured in byeolsingut held in Hahoe village. In the series, they will be using Hahoetal masks with big smiles.

The storyline

The latest trailer reveals its story plot. The Money Heist Korea happens when North Korea and South Korea are unified. The Korean peninsula creates a new currency with the expectation of improvement of life within the peninsula. However, it seems to be that only the rich people become richer while the poor continue to suffer.

For that reason, a brilliant strategist who will be called the Professor gets inspired by the heist that happened in Spain. Thus, he decides to create his own team of robbers, and they plan a heist to steal the new currency. In the trailer, they are planning to steal four trillion Won or almost 167 billion Philippine Peso.

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Additionally, the thieves involved in the heist have the same names as the Spanish version. However, one of the cast members of Money Heist Korea said in an interview that the characters will have their distinct characters. To know more about the casts of Money Heist Korea, read here.

The Korean series will have 12 episodes. Each episode will run for an hour. Prepare your popcorn and be careful because they might also steal your heart just like the La Casa de Papel did.

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