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Vien and Junnie are having a baby girl!

Vien and Junnie are having a baby girl!

Newlywed couple Vien Ilagan and Junnie Boy are having a baby girl! In a recent vlog, they had a gender reveal party. They jumped up and down with joy after having an explosion of a pink powder. They announced the pregnancy in May with a video titled, Big 4

Vien and Junnie are having a baby girl!

During the Big 4 vlog, Vien took her viewers with her as she took five pregnancy tests inside their bathroom. She also expressed how the family has been waiting for another child to arrive in their lives. They waited so long for their firstborn son Von Maverick aka Mavi to have a sibling. 

Little Vien or Little Junnie: Gender Reveal

In Vien’s Little Vien or Little Junnie vlog, we can hear Mavi expressing his desire to have a baby sister. Vien also shared that she doesn’t update about her pregnancy because she didn’t want to jinx herself. During Father’s Day, they had a gender reveal as a gift for Junnie. 

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Junnie, on the other hand, had the hint that they’d have a baby girl because of Vien’s recent sungit episodes. Aside from him, a lot of their family and friends also think that the two will be having a baby girl. Meanwhile, only a few of them thought the baby will be a boy.

Although they thought it’d be a girl, Vien and Junnie just want their baby to be healthy and happy. The two of them look genuinely happy and we can’t wait for their little family to grow. Congratulations, Vien and Junnie! 

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