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Flower Language: Picking the right flowers for your loved ones

Flower Language: Picking the right flowers for your loved ones

Regardless of the occasion, we give flowers to our loved ones to express our gratitude. We choose based on what they like or what looks good. The only problem is that you may be unaware that the flowers you gave have meanings. 


Floriography is the study of a flower’s hidden meaning or language. Flower language can be determined by type, colors, number, and arrangement. Knowing floriography will help you decide what to include in your bouquets and what to give your special someone! Following is a list of flowers and their corresponding languages to help you choose!



Also known as Amarillo, it represents pride and pastoral poetry. It has bulbs that turn into flowers and blooms for about 7-10 weeks.

Bachelor’s button

Known as cornflower, it grows as a weed in cornfields. This flower represents a single blessing.


The colors of asters range from purple to white to blue. Furthermore, this flowering plant can reach heights of 1-6 feet and giving this means to love and daintiness. 


This flower is known as the “Queen of Winter Flowers.” It comes in a variety of colors, each with its meaning. Pink Camellia represents longing, while red Camellia represents the person as a flame in your heart. Furthermore, white is adorable, which generally means fascination and love.


This flower, which comes in various colors, requires sunlight during its blooming season. The red chrysanthemum represents I love you, the white chrysanthemum represents the truth, the yellow chrysanthemum represents little love, and it generally represents a happy and long life.


Also known as calliopsis or tickseed. It is also low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for planting in your garden. Giving its flower means “to be always cheerful or happy.”


Its flower heads have between fifteen to thirty petals. This emits positive energy, which is why it lights up people and even places or rooms. Daisy, in general, represents simplicity, innocence, loyalty, and purity.


Also known as scorpion grass. It is a five-petal flower, and giving it symbolizes faithful love and memories.


Mainly found in South America. Gloxinia comes in various colors, including red, blue, purple, pink, and white. However, in general, this flower represents love at first sight!



Also known as calluna or ling. This flower color is lavender and white. Lavender heather represents admiration and solitude, whereas white represents protection and the fulfillment of wishes.

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A spring-blooming perennial that is a powerful scent source in the garden. In general, this means recklessness or anything related to games and sports. However, based on its colors, blue represents constancy, purple represents regret or sorrow, red and pink represent play, white represents loveliness or prayer, and yellow denotes jealousy.


A common plant or flower with a trumpet shape. Lily has a lot of different colors. Orange lily represents hatred, white represents purity, and yellow represents falsehood and homosexuality. Other lily varieties include calla for beauty, a day for coquetry, eucharis for maiden charms, and tiger lily for wealth.


You’ve most likely heard a lot about this flower. The majority of its colors are orange, red, and yellow. Marigold means cruelty, grief, and jealousy.


We often see this at home, but do you know what it means? The orchid represents many children. It is also associated with love, beauty, and refinement.


The most popular flower that we give to our loved ones. It is always available flat the market. Here is the meaning of each rose! White represents purity and a new beginning, red represents love, dark crimson represents mourning, pink represents happiness and gentleness, yellow represents jealousy and infidelity, lavender represents love at first sight, and orange represents desire.

Tulip – aside from roses, we have always heard about this flower. Tulip colors have different meanings! Red represents believing or declaring love, and yellow represents “the sunshine in your smile,” but this generally represents perfect love!

Now, you know what you to give to your special someone! These flowers add color to our lives and become a part of our memorable events. Moreover, a person unable to express themselves through words can use these flowers to connect because flowers express our deepest feelings.

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