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Basic and effective colors you may need in your closet

Basic and effective colors you may need in your closet

We will be welcoming a brand new year as 2022 is fast approaching. Since fashion is a constant journey for all of us, we must welcome the new colors that may work in our closets for the upcoming year.

Picking your color isn’t always going to be easy. Moreover, a good color choice and combination can certainly change the look from basic to trendy and catchy. Imagine changing the vibe of distressed jeans or a full bias skirt on your closet to a high-end fashion look with basic and effective colors for 2022. In addition, colors can also impact your psychological emotions and mood.

It is easy to say we can just wear any color we want but in this case, it’s great to explore new shades.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential color trends we can possibly wear next year.


Green quartz may be one of the in-demand colors for 2022. Green, in general, appeared in many designers’ spring-summer collections of 2022. It transcends happiness, balance, and harmony. Below are some of the runways looks from different designers. Well-tailored blazer and skirt from Dior and Tea-length gown from Christian Siriano were all showcased during the spring-summer ’22 collections.

Pantone colors of 2022 that you need on your closet. Green blazer and skirt from Dior and a Tea-length gown from Christian Siriano.
Image courtesy: Left: Christian Dior SS22/ right: Christian Siriano SS22


Another potential color that may work for 2022 is the Coral Rose, bringing a sense of uplifting. In addition, it sends positive messages, such as happiness and passion. A good combination for these are warm colors such as Red, Orange, and Yellow.

Image courtesy: Left: The Face: Versace SS22/ right: Fashion network Fendi SS22


Any shades of blue can be a little vulgar, but blue, in general, is a good addition to your closet. Shades of blue are an advantage since it exudes a calming and relaxing effect. Imagine yourself wearing a T-shirt in any shades of blue matched with slim-fit cut jeans. Surely, you will look amazing!

Pantone colors of 2022 that you need on your closet. Super sonic. Blue.
Image courtesy: VOUGE: Lanvin Resort22


You may have not heard of this color very often but this can be the one you have been eyeing on your favorite fashion boutique or shop. The warmth that radiates from this color will make you exude confidence and feel extra special even during the regular days. Certainly basic but effective!

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Pantone colors of 2022 that you need on your closet. Pop-corn.
Image courtesy: VOUGE: Isabel Marant SS22

Nothing comes easy in choosing the perfect color to wear as it takes a lot of confidence. Feeling confident makes the color and message you are conveying more catchy to other people seeing you.

Always remember that adding playful colors to your daily wear is tantamount to accepting effective possibilities and being happier.

What color best represents you?

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