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How to Rank Up Faster in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

How to Rank Up Faster in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The rapidly growing mobile combat game called “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” has taken the gaming community by storm. With over a hundred million worldwide, the game looks to be a massive hit among all ages. Inside the game, you can rank higher up to mythical glory and have the chance to play with the best of the best. Here are some guides and tips on how to rank up faster in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Use the Meta Heroes

Usually, playing solo could potentially give you the worst headache in your life. However, playing solo can help you to showcase your individual skills in playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It may take you many tries and defeats before reaching the mythical glory rank. 

The patch in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang usually changes from time to time. This means that meta heroes can also change depending on the current patch of the game. Use heroes that can carry the team. You can also use heroes that can play a major factor for the team in winning. This will give you a higher chance of winning and reaching the highest rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

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5-Man Mobile Legends Squad

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can play alongside your friends. Team up and create your own five-man team. Teaming up with friends or any allies you know can be a massive way to easily reach mythical glory rank. However, be prepared to square up against the best of the best. 

Communication and skill coordination is a key components to success in playing Mobile Legends. As a whole unit, the two mentioned key components can be easily executed through a five-man setup. However, it can also be risky at some points. One miscommunication between the whole team then things would quickly fall apart. 

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Practice Multi-Role

You can not just play one role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The team might need some adjustment and being familiarized only with one role can get you in trouble. You need to have a diverse skill set in order to rank up faster in the game. 

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Mastery between three or more heroes per role is necessary for your own team’s success. It is also important to know the complexity and diversity of each role. As we know, each of the roles has its own unique rotation and responsibilities. 

A wise Marksman should focus on their lane to build up items necessary for the late-game clashes. A feisty fighter also must keep their lanes defended at all times. Mage and tank roles should know where to rotate in order to punish other lanes. Junglers should have an eye on all sides of the map. They are responsible for securing all objectives within the game. 

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While it is fun to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there should always be a limit. Addiction to games can cause severe conditions for a specific individual. With that aside, team up with your relatives and use these guides. Together, demolish your opponents and reclaim the crown inside the land of dawn.

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