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Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers

Buy Yourself the Damn Flowers

When was the last time you decided to buy yourself some flowers?

You paused for a second there, didn’t you? It’s because it’s not something we typically do.

We only get flowers on rare occasions like Valentine’s Day (though, not everyone does).

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone this year.

Sweet long messages were found everywhere, along with the usual gimmicks like surprises, bouquets of flowers, and the likes.

It sure is a beautiful thing but it is also a painful sight for singles and even some in a relationship.

Although it isn’t the sole basis of love, some just want to feel how nice would it be to be loved in a certain way, even if it was just with a single flower. 

We can, however, always turn things around.

Being loved by someone special is sweet, but the love we have for ourselves is even more so.

Let us not wait for others to validate our worth because we are definitely worthy of everything good in the world.

So, I say, go ahead and buy yourself the flowers!

And why would you, you ask? Here’s why you should definitely get yourself some!

To lift your spirits

Photo Courtesy: @pamelabarnik/Twitter

If you think you can’t get yourself flowers on regular days, then you’re absolutely wrong.

We’ve been so used to thinking of flowers as an unnecessary luxury that we’ve never considered buying them for ourselves since it could feel strange.

But, flowers have a positive effect on someone’s mood, so it’s perfect if you’re feeling a little down or having a rough day.

To show appreciation to yourself

Buy Yourself Flowers
Photo Courtesy: @saintjuno/Pinterest

There’s no better way to show yourself some love than treating yourself to something nice, like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Celebrate yourself, even if it’s for the smallest of efforts.

Whether you passed an exam, did something nice for someone, or just got out of bed on the hardest of days.

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You deserve it. You are worth celebrating for.

To add a special touch to your home

Buy Yourself Flowers
Photo: @music_infinity  

Flowers definitely add an aesthetic quality to a space.

It’s the easiest way to make your home cozier, and it also adds to the home’s character.

Flowers can transform a pretty bare space into a well-put-together and elegant one.

And it just makes you want to spend the entire day staring at the vase of freshly blossoming flowers.

Just because

You really don’t need a reason to go out and get some flowers.

If you feel like it, go ahead and just do it. After all, we all deserve a little something nice for ourselves.

It doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate receiving flowers anymore. I’d definitely take flowers as a gift any day.

But it simply means that we don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for ourselves. If you want it, just go get yourself the flowers!

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