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Cozy up in Your Bed with Home De Luxe’s Bedroom Essentials

Cozy up in Your Bed with Home De Luxe’s Bedroom Essentials

Have a staycation experience in the comfort of your own room. Check out Home De Luxe products this 7.7 at Shopee’s Mid Year Sale 

Home de Luxe Brings 5-Star Quality Sleep to your Home

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Now that we are spending more time in the comfort of our homes, we find ourselves meticulous about the quality of items we have. Especially, in our bedrooms where we take the time to rest, as these places are our little personal corners for ourselves.

Home De Luxe provides us with hotel-quality linens and pillows that are just making us look forward to lying in our beds after a busy workday. They carry a variety of bedroom essentials made from premium and high-quality materials. From pillows to blankets, and mattress toppers.

Their products will bring the hotel experience to your home. Check out these products on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year sale for discounts up to 70% off!

1. Home de Luxe 5-Star Hotel Quality Premium Korean Fiber Pillow

Photo Credits: Instagram

Are you a side sleeper? If so, the Premium Korean Fiber Pillow is perfect to give you that extra neck support. With a little extra volume and firmness, the pillow will softly cradle your head and neck as it supports your sleep to avoid strain, even if you are on your side or in any position. The highly durable hypoallergenic fibers are sourced from Korea.

The fibers are brushed to give an even fluff as well as improve their resistance to shrinkage. So you can roll around all over your bed and wrap around your pillow without it losing its form. It will provide you with long-lasting comfort in every night’s sleep. 

2. Home de Luxe 5 Star Hotel Quality 4-in-1 Comforter Blanket Set (Cloud Collection)

Feel like you are on cloud 9, as you sleep with this hotel-quality set from Home De Luxe. Definitely, this set will make your bed look like a royal’s chambers. No worries in sight as the materials are high quality, hypoallergenic, shrink resistant, and fade resistant. Furthermore, the meticulous stitching ensures that your set looks fresh with every use.

The set comes with 2 soft pillow cases, 1 fitted mattress sheet, and 1 plush comforter blanket. Additionally, the colors in this collection are perfect for any kind of room, neutrals, and muted tones are nothing short of luxurious. Along with the high-quality materials, this beauty will last you a long time. 

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3. Home de Luxe Mattress Topper

Sleep like a baby with this mattress topper from Home de Luxe. Want the full hotel experience? Then, this mattress topper is just what you need. The extra layer of soft hypoallergenic covering will make you snooze your alarms and take an extra minute or two in bed. Filled with 2 kilograms of Korean cloud-soft fibers, the Home de Luxe Mattress Topper is both durable and luxurious to feel. The intricate stitching ensures that your topper stays together at the seams as you sleep.

The Fabric is a 200 thread count cotton alternative fabric, to concur, which means that the fabric is unlikely to tear due to its high thread count. Plus it will get softer over time with use. The topper attaches using durable garters that will go over the corners of your bed keeping it secure whilst making the attaching and detaching easily to complete.

Shop the Items at Shopee for Big Discounts

This July will be Shopee’s 7.7 Mid Year Sale. Home de Luxe will be offering big discounts on their items up to 70% OFF! Shop the essentials from the comfort of your home, and just wait until your new home improvement budols arrive at your doorstep. Easy-peasy plus all the more rewarding once you get to use your new items yourself!

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