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Feel at Home with Emborg’s Delectable Offerings — Now on Shopee!

Feel at Home with Emborg’s Delectable Offerings — Now on Shopee!

There’s a saying that families are like the branches of a tree. We extend in different directions, but still, our roots remain as one. So of course, as we grow, we need something healthy to nourish the whole family—and Emborg has us covered. And even better, it’s now available on Shopee with exclusive deals!

From rich and pure butters to smooth and creamy cheeses, Emborg is abundant with it all. So for the famed brand’s grand launch, let’s check out some of its dairy products fit for any delicious family meal!

For decades, Emborg has been providing a wide variety of food products with the highest quality to households across the world. The prolific family-owned brand is also a pioneer within the frozen food industry. With its vast range of selections, its products have the versatility to be incorporated into any family meal. And arguably, the biggest reason for its success is their prime focus and passion for family values. 

Emborg Butter (Unsalted)

Emborg’s Unsalted Butter is a luscious product, made from pure European churned cream. It has this rich and, well, buttery taste that can be integrated into both sweet and savoury recipes with ease. This makes it perfect for butter cookies and butter-based sauces such as marinière and the famous hollandaise sauce.

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Emborg Cheddar Natural Slices

Made from fresh European milk, Emborg’s Cheddar Natural Slices are sweet, rich, and buttery—packed with calcium and protein. The slices are deliciously irresistible and amazing for adding to your favorite sandwiches. It is also perfect when melted on top of burgers!

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Emborg US Cream Cheese Cup

For your convenience, Emborg’s American Cream Cheese now comes in a cup so that you can spread it onto your favorite everyday snacks and treats with much ease. Not only that, but it can be handily stored in any part of your refrigerator. The Cream Cheese is also produced in the United States. With its original American Cream Cheese recipe, the tasty and creamy product is perfect for spreads, dips, and sauces—especially when served cold. And, it is also pretty ideal for making heavenly cheesecakes!

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Emborg Shredded Mozzarella

Smooth and silky, Emborg’s Shredded Mozzarella is a creamy and delectable ingredient for any home cook. Mozzarellas are known for their stretchiness—and this product exemplifies that to a whole other level. Outstanding all in all, but it really shines in Italian dishes.

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Emborg’s Shredded Mozzarella is amazing for different pastas like penne and lasagna. It is also an ideal addition to fresher recipes like salads. But who could forget about pizzas? The product is excellent for any type of dish really. Margherita, capricciosa, and so much more. You name it, Emborg’s Shredded Mozzarella is amazing with it!

From Families, For Families

Known for upholding family values, Emborg shares their love and passion for it through their products—most especially these flavorful picks. Families are one of the greatest gifts in this world, and the brand knows that very well. And just like parents, they only want the best for everyone in the household.

Putting quality at the forefront, Emborg acknowledges the importance of using only the finest products and ingredients for every single one in your family. With it, the brand gives you the freedom to utilize its offerings through delicious meals and feasts, and reap its tasty benefits.

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The Grand Launch

With Emborg’s Grand Launch on July 2, your family can enjoy up to 12% off in savings! Not only that but you can also get ₱225-off discount vouchers when you spend a minimum of ₱2,250, plus up to ₱100 shipping discount vouchers too!

Emborg is easily accessible in any local grocery store, but it is definitely more convenient to shop for your pantry essentials on Shopee. To double down on that, not to mention that it is also more rewarding with all these exclusive deals to look forward to!

So get the whole family together this July 2 and whip up all your favorite meals with Emborg!

Meals are better with the family. But with Emborg, it’s always the best!

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