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Normalize Working Out and Eating Right

Normalize Working Out and Eating Right

Filipinos love to eat. We have a very wide variety of food choices. After being colonized by different countries for so many years, we acquired their culture and localized them. Together with that are their cuisines that we literally bring to our tables during occasions.

However, because of having a lot to consume, we tend to enjoy too much and eat excessively. This has become a habit that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. After that, a domino effect happened to the Filipinos.

One solution for this problem is to normalize working out and eating healthy.

Restart Our Systemic Lifestyle

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There are a lot of reasons why we should change our unhealthy habits. One of them is because being healthy means having a longer life span. We all want to live longer to achieve all of our dreams. We also need to be healthy to prevent illnesses and make the most out of our lives. No one wants to be hindered by a simple weight problem or a distressing heart disease. We must strive to make changes to our lives.

Beginning a lifestyle reset is a difficult task, but no beginning is easy. It is a long process that requires patience and discipline. One has to be dedicated enough because a lot of challenges will certainly be encountered along the way. We cannot taste the fruit of our labor without planting seeds of hard work.

Working Out as a Habit

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People are naturally self-conscious. We are afraid of failing and being the center of attraction. A lot of people chose to stay in their comfort zone and sacrifice their health. This is because going to the gym is not normalized in our culture, at least to generations before us. However, taboos can only be standardized by including them in our daily routine.

Working out should be easy. It should be routinary. People with a sedentary lifestyle are intimidated to go to the gym. They feel like everyone is looking at them for having an unhealthy physique. Ironically, they need the gym more than those who are fit. It all starts with a proper mindset. Also, there are coaches to guide beginners and give them the proper help they needed. Not to mention that home workout is always on the table.

Eating Properly

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Working out is extremely helpful. Still, it is only half of what is needed to be healthy. We also have to be watchful of our eating habits. As the saying goes, “Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen…” Eating properly is needed to avoid gaining weight. Training is good for losing fat but it can also lead to muscle loss. That is why eating foods rich in protein helps us gain muscles. Of course, every person is unique and adjustments should be made based on their case.

See Also

There are a lot of tutorials online for beginners. Since many are keeping the start of their journey low-key, fitness guides are there to help them. Also, there are applications for a diet such as a calorie counter, intermittent fasting tracker, and meal planner. Yet, these are only guides, it is always up to the person’s adherence if they will achieve their fitness goals.

We cannot control the rich cuisine we have. It will only grow as time goes by. What we can do is limit our food intake. Make sure we are eating correctly and working out as much as necessary. It is not too late to start. In fact, there is no perfect timing. Let us not succumb to lame excuses and start our journey now.

We may not enforce these habits on society right away, but we can impose them on ourselves.

We cannot normalize these habits in society instantly as much as we cannot be healthy in just a snap – but we can always try.

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