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Beating Writer’s Block

Beating Writer’s Block

Being an aspiring writer is not easy. There are many challenges and skills that you have to acquire to create that breakthrough, your most compelling piece yet. And of course, problems are also inevitable for writers. Many writers have faced it. And pretty sure future writers will still have to face him. 

As you start to think of a topic or write your introduction, your mind exists elsewhere, as if it is not there. Blank. Void. As time passed, you became frustrated as you need to follow a deadline and the words aren’t wording. 

Don’t fret. All writers, old and new ones, struggle with writer’s block, in one way or another. Even veteran authors need a game plan to gain mastery in this dreadful phenomenon called writer’s block.

Here are three tips that might help you in overcoming writer’s block:

Just keep writing

Freewriting is a method used by writers to just let their brains think. Inside the given amount of time, (usually 15 to 20 mins), let your brain flow and write words that come into your mind. Don’t mind the grammar or the spelling. The goal is that you don’t have to judge yourself on what you write. It will help you focus and organize your ideas. Like letting your brain throw all the items inside its room so that you may find what you need, and what you don’t need. You can also practice writing short pieces every day just to keep your mind on edge.

Take a break

Stand up, roam around someplace that you feel you want to go right now, do some chores, exercise, or do other tasks, to just give yourself a break from writing. Sometimes you just need to do other things that will help you relax and focus on other activities. It will give your mind a fresh start and new ideas when you’re writing again. 

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Continue writing

Gotcha, huh? One thing that may hinder you from writing is that you might think that fail or that, your work is not as beautiful as you think, or you believe that someone else is better than it than you. In short, you overanalyze everything. Friendly advice, don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is all part of the process. If you didn’t fail, how did you know you’ve improved from your past self? Just writing something will help you finish your draft. And then, onto the next step, you edit your piece. And it will help you improve your writing even better.

You’re still here? Go into your notepad, document, or your essay and write something. Hopefully, the tips above can help you to create that award-winning piece. 

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