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How Sims 4 helps with my writer’s block

How Sims 4 helps with my writer’s block

During the height of my writer’s block, it was also the peak of my boredom. I played my first game of Sims 4 in 2018 out of curiosity. It was a pre-downloaded game on the desktop we built and it had the basic pack included. My first thought when the game was booting was designing my Sim or character’s clothes. I didn’t plan on enjoying the game. In the end, Sims 4 became the reason why I enjoyed writing again.

Sims 4 is a writer’s haven

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When writing a story, I always get stuck in figuring out the plot. I never know for sure what should happen to my characters or to the plot. It becomes frustrating for me when I pick a direction to go and then realize that it wasn’t what I wanted to happen. When I get stuck in this moral quandary, my creative limit is exhausted. The worst-case scenario is I abandon a story I was in love with.

Playing Sims 4 is exciting because of the possibilities your Sim can do in a day. I remember one good run where my Sim had zero Simoleons or money in the game and ended the day with a roommate and a proposal. The possibilities are endless. You can virtually plan out anything, and with the added help of cheats, you don’t need to play by the book.

Seeing my story play out in Sims 4 takes the pressure off in writing. Storytelling becomes imaginative and easy, to the point that writing doesn’t seem like an insurmountable task. When I can see what can happen in the game, it takes the pressure off of me when deciding what to do. At times when I couldn’t imagine what my character should do, after playing one game in the Sims, I could suddenly hear what they were saying in my brain.

Writer’s block happens whether you want to or not

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Unfortunately, writer’s block is inevitable. It spans between a minute and an eternity before you get your bearings back. I spent years writing like I was running out of time before stopping completely for a year. I suddenly found myself with nothing to say. For the most part, it was an unwelcome surprise. The main thought plaguing me those days was, can I really call myself a writer when I don’t write?

During the times when I was idle, I picked up different hobbies. I dabbled in baking, cross-stitching, and reading fanfiction – but mostly I played Sims 4. When I play, I’m not only having fun but I rediscover my creativity and find joy in making up things as I go. For me, playing Sims 4 is like making a film in real-time.

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The easiest and hardest thing to do with writer’s block is to cope with it. Writers often don’t like saying they’re having a hard time, because how can you say you are skilled in writing when you can’t do it on command?

However, writer’s block is an unexplainable phenomenon, just like writing. Where do your words come from? Why did they stop? Questions like these can only be answered when you stop writing. Holding hands with your writer’s block firmly leads you to where you’re supposed to be.

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