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Writer’s Block: How Do I Refill the Lost Ink to my Pen?

Writer’s Block: How Do I Refill the Lost Ink to my Pen?

As a journalism student, they expect you to write well. But what if you suddenly lose the urge to write? You suddenly find yourself at a loss for words. You simply want to keep everything to yourself. You couldn’t make anyone a cup of tea. You’ve been gawking so much lately that you feel like you’ve lost your worth as a writer, or even as a journalism student.

Well, writing means a lot to me. Through writing, I can express my frustrations without guilt and without having the fear that I will mess up. I just want to express my disappointment and the pressure I feel in this tiring world. But suddenly, I lost ink in my pen.

Writer’s Block: Where will I find the lost ink in my pen?

What I discovered is my interest in things lessened. My hands stopped typing, and my mind scrambles for words. Suddenly, I am having difficulty with what to write. I cannot search for the right words. My frustration grows, then I have come to realize, I am having writer’s block. But, it’s okay. It really happens in our journey as a writer.

But let me tell you the things that helped me cope with writer’s block.

Even without the interest to do something, try to grab a book. Start reading. Read and read. Reading more will help you gain knowledge and ideas. It will boost your writing phase and even sharpen your thoughts.

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Another thing is, don’t ever get stuck. Try to do something else instead of wasting time figuring out what to do next. Don’t stare at your blank paper while playing with your pens.

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Outlining thoughts is also beneficial. My mentor once advised me that planning your thoughts for your next article will make it much easier to write. It will improve the flow of your article. So, begin by sketching out your thoughts for your upcoming piece.

Finally, go through the block. Write through it. Try writing again after resting your mind. Because writing is always better than writing nothing at all. As I’ve read, writing through the block is the finest method to ignite your ideas.

Just write about something. It will help you overcome the block.

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