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10 New Year Writing Prompts For Your Journal

10 New Year Writing Prompts For Your Journal

New year, a new beginning – a fresh start that reminds us of new chances, new opportunities, and new hope. Moreover, as the new year approaches, it gives us the ideal opportunity to slow down, reflect, contemplate, and take a moment to think about how we handled our lives from the past year. And, of course, how we would like to manage it in the next chapter of our lives. 

Furthermore, when it comes to reflecting, writing in a journal is one of the most efficient and beneficial ways. According to Healthline, journaling helps to reduce stress, boost health and well-being, encourages space from negative thoughts, provides a way to process emotions, helps figure out the next step, and deepens self-discovery.

And, as the New Year draws near, we are happy to share writing prompts for your journal:

5 Writing Prompts To Deal With Your New Year

Writing down your new year’s resolutions and the goals you want to achieve this new year will help you stay focused, stable, and on track. It will also serve as your driving force to establish the necessary actions to fulfill your goals and resolutions. So, here are some writing prompts to guide you for the things you are looking forward to this new year.

List down your resolutions for this new year.

Reflect on the things you want to learn for this new year.

What are you most looking forward to this new year?

The goals you want to achieve this new year.

What are the things you want to let go of this new year?

5 Writing Prompts To Evaluate Your Past Year

While being excited and thrilled about the things that you are looking forward to it is also important to reflect and contemplate the things that you have done and the events that happened to you in the past year to recall the experiences and lessons they brought you. That’s why we listed some writing prompts to reminisce about the learnings from this past year.

The things you learned from the past year.

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What are the things you are grateful for from this past year?

List down your achievements from this past year.

What was the best thing that happened to you this past year?

What are the challenges you encountered this past year?

Got to make a perfectly formed sunny side up or made your first solo trip to a lovely place? Put it in writing. Write down your accomplishments and acknowledge all of your successes, no matter how big or small. Describe and express how gratifying the feeling and the event were.

Most importantly, as you ring in the new year, do not forget to check yourself. Evaluate the things you have been through and allow yourself to let go of the things that burden and worry you.

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