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Stationery Finds to Take Your Journaling to the Next Level

Stationery Finds to Take Your Journaling to the Next Level

For centuries, journaling has always been a powerful writing tool for self-reflection, growth, and in keeping memories alive. It is a practice with proven long-term benefits in our social, mental, and emotional well-being. Since its existence, journaling has evolved beyond its traditional notebook, pen, and writing about today’s events. 

Before, an ordinary plain white page was filled with only scribbles of a black pen, detailing one’s day. People outgrew this conventional way of journaling and started to be more creative with it, making journaling a form of art. Taking your journaling to the next level and spicing up your journal spreads requires the cutest crafts and stationery materials. Look no further, here are stationary finds that you can use for your next journaling!

Stationery Finds to Take Your Journaling to the Next Level

Washi Tapes

Using washi tapes to spice up your journal spreads never goes wrong. Washi tapes are the simplest yet convincingly impactful stationery find to take your journaling to the next level. There is a variety of washi tape designs to choose from—solid color grids, floral, cartoon, vintage, and pastel. 

Photo Credits: Jilianne Bautista

Washi tapes are a subtle addition to your journal but it helps make other parts of your spread pop up. You use washi tapes to make plain sticky notes noticeable in a page full of art crafts. This shop offers the cutest washi tapes, be sure to check them out! 


Speaking of subtle additions, stickers also give a simple but impactful effect on every journal spread. Putting stickers all around your journal gives great joy especially when the stickers are super cute! Just like the washi tape, there are many sticker designs to select from. Some designs include cartoon, flowers, quotes, sceneries, animals, travel-themed, food, and many more! 

Photo Credits: Jilianne Bautista

Furthermore, adding stickers to your journal fills the negative space in your spread, making it look more put together. It’s a simple stationery find but it can definitely level up your journaling. I source out my stickers from as they offer many designs, all of which are very high-quality and affordable!

Label Maker

Aside from your own handwriting, a label maker is a great way to add a new font to your journal spread. A label maker makes up for a good topic heading in your spread because of its typewriter-like font. This stationery find is a good investment because after you purchase the equipment, you only have to repurchase the tape. 

Photo Credits: Jilianne Bautista

The tape comes in various colors that you can choose from—neutral colors, bright, and even metallic ones. There are also a lot of label makers in the market but the Motex label maker is the cheapest one. 

Wax stamps and seals

This stationery find will surely take your journaling to the next level. Wax stamps and seals give off a romantic, vintage, and royalty vibe in your journal spreads. Melting the wax and embossing the stamp is so satisfying, not to mention the finished look is always pretty! 

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Photo Credits: Jilianne Bautista

The stamp comes in different designs, some may even be customized! There are flower designs, letters, moons, line patterns, and many more. My most favorite design would be the Harry-Potter-themed ones so I could imitate the wax on Harry’s letter from Hogwarts. For the wax, there are ready-made wax available but you won’t get the satisfaction of stamping on melted wax. If you prefer melting your own, there is a variety of colored wax beads to choose from!

Polaroid pictures

Of course, journaling is not complete without keeping polaroid pictures as a memento! Just like they say, pictures tell a thousand stories. If words are too difficult to write, you can use pictures to tell them. Using polaroid pictures also gives off a vintage vibe to every journal spread. 

Photo Credits: Jilianne Bautista

You might think you have to buy an Instax from Fujifilm or you can’t have old pictures printed. The good news is you don’t have to and you can actually have your old pictures printed! There are a lot of online sellers who offer this service. You can check them out and add polaroid pictures to your next journal spread!

What are you waiting for? Grab these stationery finds to take your journaling to the next level!

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