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A.N.JELL opening the gates of why I entered the K-Pop world

A.N.JELL opening the gates of why I entered the K-Pop world

Everybody must have their own comfort person from a show that influences their lifestyle. Well, mine is eye-candy musical “boy” group called A.N.JELL from the 2009 South Korean television show You’re Beautiful. And I would never forget how they turned the whole trajectory of my path upside down.

The fictional idol band stars two dashing singers, a charismatic actor, and a lovely actress. While the one and only girl disguises as a guy to save her twin brother; male lead falls for her. Then you know what happens next; the plot focuses between the actor and the actress, like any other K-Drama does. Yet, for some reason, my eyes were always fixated on the two supporting roles — Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy.

Who would have thought that the two sidekicks led me to the path of K-Pop’s blissful world? Not as Shin Woo and Jeremy, but as Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE and Lee Hong Gi of F.T. ISLAND.

Watch at first sight

As an elementary kid, I barely focused my attention on the sparkling celebrities people see on cam. I was too invested in my board and video games that I wasn’t keen on shifting my entertainment. However, life took a turn for  me upon seeing A.N.JELL, dubbed as ABS-CBN’s “Super Kilig na Asianovela ng Taon.” At that moment, curiosity definitely hit me that I even encouraged my older cousin to join in watching every afternoon.

I fell in love not only with the characters but also the actors

Ah yes… it was bound to happen after noticing my interest for them grow. Back then, I was quite unfamiliar with Korean artists aside from Sandara Park and a few songs. However, my love for A.N.JELL changed everything. I was truly determined to review their profiles, from their project activities to their likes and dislikes. The impact A.N.JELL brought is undeniably contributing somehow to the early generation of the K-Pop industry.

Idol singers were brought to life

Not gonna lie, I was disappointed that A.N.JELL is not a “real” group, but only debuted for the show’s promotions. Downloaded from mp3skull, my top picks Promise, Still, Lovely Day, and Without Words were played nonstop on my Blackberry keypad. Those songs were very iconic, until I eventually discovered Yong Hwa and Hong Gi’s respective real bands, thanks to curiosity. At that moment, I finally understood to myself that, “oh boy, you’re about to enter a new world.”

YouTube | ANJELL concert FULL(You’re Beautiful)

CNBLUE blew my mind away

You’re Beautiful’s soft-spoken second lead, Kang Shin Woo was one of the earliest ideal guys that was everyone’s TOTGA! Despite rooting for snarky Hwang Tae Kyung (main lead), I cannot deny my “what ifs” towards him. My wishful thinking of what could have happened if Go Mi Nam/Nyeo ended up with Shin Woo was there. On a side note, the popular demand led the two artists to star in Heartstrings, definitely an endgame this time!

Shin Woo or Jung Yong Hwa in reality is pop rock band CNBLUE’s leader and main vocalist. His overflowing charisma immediately caught my heart back then. Through his written musicals, and goofy persona on variety created the title of why he was considered my “first love.” CNBLUE’s music remains iconic up to this day that will continuously blow my mind away!

F.T. ISLAND took me for a ride

The bubbly blondie Jeremy of You’re Beautiful brought laughter and light to A.N.JELL. Despite being imaginary, his personality was definitely true to bring happiness for everyone on the set. I re-watched the show many times, yet the heartbreak for Jeremy after his bus rejection scene will always be there! My best boy deserves better!

In contrast to Yong Hwa’s group, Hong Gi’s band F.T. ISLAND leans heavier on the melancholic rock of pop sensibility. With Hong Gi’s stirring voice, trust him to turn their album into a perfect masterpiece! My angsty phase knows that F.T. ISLAND was onto something when they released Love Sick, Love Love Love, and Severely.

A.N.JELL were my angels

Before K-Pop existed in my life, there was A.N.JELL who became my shoulder to comfort myself through their music. Honestly, it was so easy for them to captivate the fans’ hearts, despite being a temporary group. It was a hopeful innocence to imagine that they would have been my lifetime stan. But I believe they opened the gates of K-Pop for me to venture on different artists and genres inside.

I may have not kept up to date with the artists’ latest activities unlike their A.N.JELL era. But I would never forget the names, Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Seuk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Gi. How could I? When they once brought the loveliest memories in my young fangirl’s heart and changed it forever.

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