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How To Get Over with The One Who Got Away

How To Get Over with The One Who Got Away

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard more than your fair share of “almost love” tales. Or perhaps you immediately think of a specific person whenever you hear the words “The One That Got Away.” It could be someone from your past that still haunts your present. Maybe this someone is your almost; yet, due to a series of unfortunate events, they ended up being your TOTGA instead.

What is The One That Got Away?

The phrase “The One That Got Away,” often abbreviated as TOTGA is commonly used in the context of romantic relationships. It refers to a love partner with whom we share a sense of loss and regret. Probably because we were unable to sustain or cultivate a meaningful relationship with them.

We might have the impression that TOTGA’s were potentially the ones we would very well want to spend the rest of our life with. They are the ones whom we thought of as ideal; with whom we could have been happier- if only…

How To Get Over with The One Who Got Away

Stop with your What Ifs.

One common reaction to being in a TOTGA dilemma is to become overwhelmed by “what if” scenarios. Or perhaps they could’ve and should’ve haunted you every night. What if I did that? Could I have stayed longer? Should we have stayed together? — QUIT THAT. That person would stay in your life if they were supposed to be there. They got away for a reason.

When you cling on to the thought of your what if’s, you will remain living in the past. You will be left alone in misery.

Accept that what happened was not your fault.

First things first, before you begin moving on, you need to accept what happened. May it be a breakup, or you two just started drifting apart for no apparent reason. Feel the agony if you must, but don’t live there. Sometimes what you want to happen doesn’t line up with what the Universe has planned for you. Note that it happens for a reason, and it’s not your fault.

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Focus on yourself.

To get through this, it’s better to concentrate on yourself, your own well-being, and the kind of life you’d like to build. Strive to better yourself in every way. It’s time to move on to bigger and more exciting pursuits.

It is not easy to get over someone you once loved, particularly The One That Got Away. But this time, accept the fact that you two were never meant to be together. They are called TOTGA for a reason.

Who knows, maybe someone far better is on their way to crossing paths with you.

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