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Rainbows And More: Hair Color Inspiration From Female KPOP Idols

Rainbows And More: Hair Color Inspiration From Female KPOP Idols

Different hair colors have various effects on a woman’s overall look— red may appeal sexy, green may look sassy, and blonde might look mature. Have you ever wondered what you would look like with another hair color?

Let’s face it— we girls, sometimes cannot help but gawk at our favorite female idols’ hair colors, up to the point that we are already getting the urge to run to the nearest salon to have our crowns dyed or to rummage our local salon supplies store to buy our own hair coloring kit and do it ourselves (mind you, I still recommend salon hair color if you have some spare bucks to spend because they will give your hair less damage than DIY-ing it, especially bleaching, because it can make you bald with just one wrong move!).

Well, I can’t blame you! Even I, have already started my hair coloring journey. While the damage is definitely worth the try, please do a lot of research to protect your prides, because if even our favorite female idols, who always have theirs done by a professional, experienced damage, how much more for us who DIYs it?

“I can’t help but have trouble because of bleaching and dying my hair.”

Hyerin, EXID, Video Star, 2019

Got it? But before deciding which color you would use in your next or bulging hair dy(e)ing ventures, take a look at these female idols’ amazing hair colors to know which would look best for your mane.

Rainbow, pastels, ombres, and blondes: Whatever it is, name it! Our favorite female idols are here to show you how to slay it.

Let the streak of colors… begin!


Female Idols in Red Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Pinterest, Vlyod’s Choices, Tumblr, Twitter, Twitter, Pinterest.

My most favorite color! The RED hair color is definitely sexy, gorgeous, and absolutely a head-turner shade, but also a high-maintenance color, as reds fade easily with frequent washes. Plus, getting a shade this vibrant requires a lot of money, as this level of brightness usually works best with a vegan dye. However, red will never let you go wrong, because it will make you more attractive no matter what shade you choose to wear.

Also, going for red won’t damage your hair a lot as it is a dark color, and will work fairly well with a semi-dark base:

“Because my hair is so thin, I had to choose a color that won’t damage my hair a lot, that’s why I chose red because this can be achieved with one bleaching only.”

Yura, Girl’s Day, Weekly Idol, 2015

There are a whole lot of female idols who have jumped on the trend of Ariel hair (referring to the princess from Disney’s The Little Mermaid who sports a red hair), and some of the most notable are (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Yura, Girl’s Generation’s Sunny, f(x)’s Krystal, EXID’s Hani, Red Velvet’s Yeri, and former Nine Muses’s Minha.


Female Idols in Orange Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Dispatch, Pinterest, Pinterest, Twitter, We Heart It, Pinterest.

Who says ORANGE is just for Autumn or for Halloween? This unusual but super bright and doubtlessly attractive color may help you look 10 years younger! Not to mention that this is one of the few colors that works well on both short and long hairs. Going orange isn’t difficult, especially if you’re trying a darker shade. A lighter one will probably require a single bleaching session, and straight to the dye. Oranges don’t fade easily, but if it does, it might look like a brassy copper, so try to maintain it at it’s best shade.

Not many idols have tried this Merida hair (Jeonghwa’s nickname, a Disney princess from Brave who has an orange hair), but some of the brave souls who sported it were (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Yura, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, EXID’s Jeonghwa, and former 4Minute member and now-soloist Hyuna.


Female Idols in Blonde Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Osen, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Twitter.

Platinum, ash, medium, or yellowish— all these shades of BLONDES will never fail to make a person appear like a beautiful Barbie doll. Being a blonde requires a strong scalp, because you have to do a number of bleaching sessions to achieve the shade you want, plus toning it. On the good side though, bleached hair won’t fade unless you color it black again.

The damage? Well, here’s a heads up! Blonde is the most damaging color (probably after grey), especially the lightest shade:

“(I colored my hair blonde) because this might be the last time my hair can take it (due to age), even though my hair is thick.”

– Sojin, Girl’s Day, Weekly Idol, 2015

You can probably find a member with blonde hair on every groups out there, but here are some with the most beautiful blonde shades (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Sojin, TWICE’s Momo, APink’s Naeun, former SISTAR member Bora, EXID’s Hyerin, and GFriend’s Yerin.


Female Idols in Green Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Pinterest, Pinterest, dkpopnews.net, Pinterest, kpopmap, aminoapps.

Want to sport a unique but still charismatic single-tone color? Then GREEN is the perfect one for you! Green is one of the most least damaging hair colors you can play with, especially if bleaching is not your thing! You can achieve a dark green shade even with just the famous crepe paper DIY! While pastel green still requires bleaching, you may still achieve it after a single session! Talk about our hairs being pretty while being healthy. Green is definitely an attention-catcher!

While there are only a few idols out there who have belted the green hair color, these girls stood out with their very own shades (in accordance to the above photo): EXID’s Hani, former T-ARA member Qri, TWICE’s Tzuyu, former SECRET member Jieun, Momoland’s Nancy, and former 4Minute member Jiyoon.


Female Idols in Blue Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Koreaboo, picsart.com, aminoapps, Pinterest, aminoapps, kprofiles.com.

May it be the deepest or the lightest shade, we can’t deny how charming the BLUE hair color is! The light shades just give off a very alluring vibe, while the dark ones provide a unique elegance. If you are targetting this hair color, you have to do bleaching sessions for the light ones, then use a vegan dye after for a more vibrant look, while the dark ones don’t really require a light base, and can be achieved just with the proper dye. Afterwards, you can flaunt your beautiful sea-like hair color.

Amongst the very few female idols who tried the very fun vibe of blue hair were (in accordance to the above photo): TWICE’s Jeongyeon, former SISTAR member Hyorin, former Hello Venus member Lime, former Wonder Girls member Yeeun, former 2ne1 member Sandara, and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon.


Female Idols in Violet Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): kprofiles.com, dkpopnews.net, portugal4nias.wordpress.com, reddit, koreaboo, koreaboo.

VIOLET gives off a childish and mature vibes, both at the same time, but in different shades! The dark shades of purple shows a playful and childish side, while the light shades gives a mature and sexy aura. Like blue, the light shades require a light base, while the dark ones works well with semi-dark base colors. You will never end lovingviolet even though it’s at the end of the spectrum! (pun intended)

Want to try violet, too? Then take the inspiration from these female idols (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Sojin, EXID’s Hani, former 4Minute member Jiyoon, TWICE’s Tzuyu, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, and Red Velvet’s Irene.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Grey Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Pinterest, Pinterest, reddit, kprofiles.com, allkpop, Pinterest.

Even though it’s called the “Granny Hair,” we can’t deny how chic and charismatic the GREY hair color is, and it doesn’t make anyone look older! In fact, greys make a person appear fresher and definitely cool! Who wouldn’t stare at this glorious hair color? Beware though, as grey is definitely a damaging color. The lighter grey you want, the lighter base you need, and that means more bleaching! Just make sure that you have an almost-white base for this color, because a semi-light base will leave you like a chick instead of chic. The effect is definitely worth it, though, because the amazingly gorgeous greywon’t make you regret your decision!

Among the number of female idols who tried the wintery and sharp feel of grey are as follows (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Mamamoo’s Moonbyul, TWICE’s Sana, former Nine Muses member Hyuna, Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon, and Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Pink Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): We Heart It, Pinterest, Koreaboo, Amino Apps, kpopmap.

Uh-oh! Who can resist the cuteness of this color? PINK is definitely a hair color that every girl should try even once!Pastel pink or neon pink— both shades are just so adorable, and it’s hard to take your eyes off of them. Planning to make a girly comeback after vacations? Then pink is definitely your go-to color because… ugh! It’s the cutest single-tone shade ever! Need I say more? Just a heads up, though. Pink is a light color, and what does a light color give our hairs? That’s right: damage.

These are some of the few female idols who took advantage of the pink shade’s cuteness (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Minah, AOA’s Hyejeong, Red Velvet’s Joy, former Wonder Girls member Yeeun, APink’s Bomi, and LOONA’s Vivi.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Brown Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Pinterest, Pinterest, Amino Apps, Twitter, (G)I-DLE Wiki, Pinterest.

Want to sport a simple yet dashingly attractive hair color? Then BROWN is absolutely your thing! Who daresays brown is a plain color? It’s absolutely not! This shade is perfect for minimalists(like me!) but still wants to drag themselves away from the usual pitch black. Brown’s darkness is enough to provide elegance, while its lightness is enough to give off a new vibe. Plus, brown won’t do a lot (if there’s any) of damage to our hairs. Just using the proper dye will make you easily pull off the simply-beautiful grace of brown!

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Since brown is a common(ly beautiful) hair color, there are a lot of female idols who belted it, but here’s my pick on the prettiest shades (in accordance to the above photo): Girl’s Day’s Minah, former T-ARA member Jiyeon, fromis_9’s Jisun, Weki Meki’s Doyeon, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, and Lovelyz’s Mijoo.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Ombre Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): Pinterest, Koreaboo, Pinterest, Tumblr, Koreaboo, Facebook.

Light to dark, dark to light, or retaining the shade but with different colors? No matter which type of gradient you choose to wear, TWO-TONED OMBRES will definitely give people a lot of reasons to keep gawking at your stylish mane! Most people prefers coloring only the ends of their hairs, though, to prevent more damage. Going light to light/est will, of course, require more bleaching, while going dark to light will protect your hairs more as you will (probably) just bleach the ends of your hair. But whichever you choose to slay, ombres are surely attention-catchers!

Here are some of the most creative ombres that our favorite female idols have showed us (in accordance with the above photo): Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon, TWICE’s Dahyun, DIA’s Chaeyeon, Red Velvet’s Yeri, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and former 2ne1 member Sandara.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Rainbow Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): cutewallpaper.org, Twitter, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.

Color wheel, who? The wildness and craziness of the RAINBOW hair color sure gives off a fun vibe, and not to mention, it’s too colorful to not attract any attention! The rainbow hair doesn’t require the whole 7 colors of the rainbow, though. Any combination of more than 1 color is already considered a rainbow hair. Weird, right? But despite the weirdness, many female idols slayed the colorful vibe of this style, may it be a single-spectrum color, two different shades, or even a wild random of colors! It may sound crazy, but some rainbow shades don’t actually require a light base! Meaning you can sport this fun-evoking color without much damage (except if you’re going for a “light rainbow”, though)!

Here are some of the most creative and colorful minded female idols who looked 10 years younger with rainbow hairs (in accordance to the above photo): fromis_9’s Nakyung, former 4Minute member and now-soloist Hyuna, former SISTAR member Bora, former Girl’s Generation member Jessica, TWICE’s Dahyun, and former Hello Venus member Yooyoung.


Hair Color
Female Idols in Black Hair. Individual photos credits to (L-R): We Heart It, kpopmap, Kpop Korean Hair and Style, Kpop Behind, Pinterest, Pinterest.

Come on, don’t frown! I’m sure most of us came from this color before starting to meddle with our hairs, and we all can’t disagree that BLACK still works the best for every woman! It is undeniably the color for every occasion! We absolutely can’t leave off black from the list of hair colors that makes a woman more attractive. Whether for short or long hairs, black gives off a sophisticated vibe that will never go wrong! Sure, we enjoyed tearing the black color off our hairs, but because black is where we started, I’m sure black is where we’ll also end our coloring journey. In the end, all of us sure looks best in black. (unless you’re a natural blonde or brunette, that’s a different thing! Lucky you!)

After all, there’s a saying that: “once we go black, we can never go back.” (unless we bleach again, and that’s a no-no!)

Even though the hype on colored hair is huge, these female idols still looked like goddesses on black hairs (in accordance to the photo): Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany, soloist IU, soloist BoA, former miss A member and now-soloist Suzy, and former 4Minute member and now-soloist Hyuna.

Excited to try these colors?

Ah, gorgeous hair colors, right? These may be a lot of variants, but these are not all of them yet! Any of these colors will surely make you a lot more noticeable, and not to mention, attractive! May it be light or dark one, single or two-toned, plain or double shade, all are exceptionally pretty in their own ways, as long as you know how to slay it properly!

Just a friendly reminder, though: frequent hair color changes will cause A LOT of damage to your hairs (you can even experience baldness, no joke!) may it be done professionally, or after a lot of research. So, we should really appreciate the efforts of our favorite female idols (and male, too!) to show us a new and fresh appearance every time! It ain’t a joke transitioning from a color to another!

Always remember, there is no such thing as “failed attempt of color” or “a color that doesn’t suit you”. Just flaunt it confidently, be proud, and love your hair as much as it deserves (and that means, A LOT)!

But aside from being amazed at the breathtaking colors our idols wear, let’s not forget the real meaning behind every single shade: yep, that’s right! A comeback.

Any color/s you would like to try? Go for it!

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