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7 Times Red Velvet Flexed Their Vocals

7 Times Red Velvet Flexed Their Vocals

Reveluvs! Are you here?!

We all know how Red Velvet slays in most of their songs. From ballad to pop to RNB, they can really take on any genre with ease. For those that are non-fans of the group, let me introduce to you Red Velvet and the number of times they flaunt their vocals.

Red Velvet

K-pop group Red Velvet has been dubbed as the concept queens due to the diverse concepts that they can do. It can be difficult to do this because some image can only fit to a specific concept. But Red Velvet is different.

The Group’s Unique Vocals

The members’ vocals have always been the talk of the town. A typical K-pop group consists of a vocalist, a dancer and a rapper. There are some that are considered as a dancer but not as a vocalist and vice versa. But with Red Velvet, EVERYONE CAN EASILY PASS AS VOCALIST.

Red Velvet Discography

From the cheerful Happiness, to the RnB Be Natural, they kept on surprising the fans and non-fans alike with the different possible genre they might show next.

Having a playful Red Flavor followed by a dark sexy Bad Boy. With their recent Feel my Rhythm album, they even turned things around with Bach’s classical arrangement layered with EDM and perfecting it with their perfect vocals.

If you still don’t believe me, here are 7 times that Red Velvet flexed their unique vocals individually and as a group.

1. In my dreams live

At one of their promotions for their recent album, Feel my Rhythm, they were able to perform one of their B-side track called In my dreams. This did not only promote the song but also revealed their dynamics as a group. Having to harmonize in the chorus, Wendy’s high note adlib and the other members’ lower vocals, it was a real vocal flexing performance.

2. Wish Tree live

This live performance of the group has shown how they can hold on to their lower registers. Songs like these are not given enough attention due to the short amount of high notes and not considered as the title track of an album. Regardless, this performance boasted how Red Velvet does not only focus on maintaining the higher notes but also has a stable lower register.

3. King of Masked Singer (Vocal line)

There is no doubt that the vocal line – Wendy, Seulgi and Joy – will make every stage theirs. It was seen during their King of Masked Singer individual performances.

4. Goodbye Performance

Their Goodbye performance they devoured every harmonization and layering with each other.

5. Yoo Hui Yeol’s sketchbook

The show particulary promotes different groups or artists by flaunting their live vocals. They did not disappoint. They performed various covers to prove that they are singing live. From Wendy’s Everybody Hurts Sometimes, Joy’s Don’t leave me alone and Seulgi’s I have nothing, to the group’s stable Umpah umpah and Red Flavor. Despite all those rigorous dance moves, they still had a clean LIVE vocal performance for the audience.

6. Solo Releases

Venturing their individual capabilities, the members released their solo tracks that showcases their vocals. With Irene & Seulgi spearheading the group’s subunit debut, they released Monster album consisting of 5 tracks. Irene, being the sub-vocal of the group showed everyone her amazing vocal tone with their songs.

Following the subunit, Wendy also released the Like Water album from which was anticipated by many vocal experts and musicians. As expected to the groups main vocalist!

See Also

Having to present her own renditions of classic Korean songs, Joy also made her solo debut with Hello showing everyone her unique and fairy-like vocal tone.

Of course, the group’s maknae also took her time to the limelight. As the lead actress to her web series Blue Birthday, she took part in recording the show’s OST It’s you.

7. Recording Behinds

With their recent songs, they have released the recording behinds to their title tracks, Queendom and Feel My Rhythm, which shows the raw voices of the members before having it into process of mixing.

There are other times that Red Velvet proved us how versatile and talented they can be. Producers who got to work with them even shared how the group surprised them as they get into a studio.

They are really the Reveluvs’ pride. No doubt!

Don’t you think so too? Let us know!

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