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Parokya Ni Edgar songs as kinds of love

Parokya Ni Edgar songs as kinds of love

The classic band, Parokya Ni Edgar

As we grow older, we meet different people, and some of them probably became our love interests once. We experience different kinds of love, from crushes to our TOTGA (The One That Got Away), to the love that never gives up. There is nothing more relatable than the classic Original Pilipino Music (OPM) songs we listen to. One of the classic OPM bands is Parokya Ni Edgar.

If you listen to their songs again today, you would realize their songs portray different kinds of love.

Let’s go down reminiscing as we list Parokya Ni Edgar songs that will make you remember different kinds of love throughout your life.

Gitara for our crushes that we did not pursue.

This is for all the torpe, who did not have the courage to confess to their crushes. Listening to Gitara by Parokya Ni Edgar will make you remember how you admire someone from afar. This song reminds me of how I express myself through poems for the people I admired from afar.

Harana is the kind of love we make efforts to pursue.

If you loved Gitara, you probably loved Harana too. Ironically, those two songs are different. Gitara is about how you admire someone from afar, while Harana is a song that makes you remember the love you pursued or the love that pursued you. This song is very romantic and very poetic. For sure, you once vibe with this Parokya Ni Edgar song, dreaming of receiving a romantic confession or being wooed by someone you like. Or maybe, dreaming about singing this song to the person you always think about.

Halaga is for the friend-zoned type of love.

I think many of us felt how it was to be in a friend zone even once in our life. This Parokya Ni Edgar song will probably make you feel that again. This is very relatable for those who know they can treat the person they like better than that person’s current partner.

Listening to this might bring back memories of how you wished the person you liked also liked you back. Or, listen to this song if you are in a friend zone at the moment, you will find it relatable.

Alumni Homecoming is for the TOTGA or for First Love

This nostalgic Parokya Ni Edgar song will make you remember your high school love interest, your first love, or your TOTGA. The kind of love that slipped away and sometimes you asked yourself those “what if” questions.

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Your Song is the kind of love that comes back and never gives up.

Personally, I think this song screams true love. This Parokya Ni Edgar song talks about how you sometimes feel the urge to get out of a relationship, but you always find yourself coming back. Also, this song portrays the love that never gives up even though you know that a relationship is never easy.

Parokya Ni Edgar is a classic band that never forgets to touch our hearts with every song. Almost all of their songs are relatable and might bring back memories of someone in your life.

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