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Steven Universe and Everything I Love About It

Steven Universe and Everything I Love About It

Steven Universe is one of the cartoons that I have watched since its release. However, I never really finished it at that time. When we still have cable TV, Cartoon Network is my default channel. I don’t really like the Anime series that is being broadcasted at that time, which is why I’m on cartoons. At the time, I was only looking forward to Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball. 

Steven Universe didn’t interest me until I have watch that one episode. It’s about Cookie Cats, the ice cream cookies that became cats. What an episode is that, cute and terrifying at the same time. Since then, I have been on the lookout for Steven Universe episodes. However, I didn’t know at that time that it has a proper story because I never get to watch every episode of it. I thought it was like the classic cartoon that’s just satire and has a 15-minute story. 

What I Love About Steven Universe

Steven Universe isn’t like other cartoons. Sure, it’s cute, funny, and entertaining. However, the show offers more than that. What I love about Steven Universe is that it challenges the way normal cartoons operate. It shows the representation and the topics that everyone needs to at least understand. It tackles depression, grief, identity crisis, discrimination, and a lot more. Steven is a half-human and half-gem who wanted to be a strong and reliable gem like his caretakers, Garnet, Pearl, And Amethyst. 

I love how Steven is so sweet and caring. He wanted to help everyone he knows. He didn’t grow up in a complete family yet he’s still so kind. And, as the show goes on, Steven uncovers the truth of his origins, his mom, and the gems. I love the characterization of the gems and how they are so different. Yet, they compliment each other well. The music is top-notch, it honestly deserves an award. I always listen to the original soundtrack of this series.

LGBTQ+ Representation

Every character has their own interesting story and my favorite is Garnet. She is a character that represents the queer community in Steven Universe. Garnet is the result of the fusion of Sapphire and Ruby they love each and that’s why Garnet is always, well Garnet, they don’t want to get separated.

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Also, Pearl is obviously in love with Rose Quartz. Considering that all gems are female, Steven Universe is a strong representation of the LGBTQ+ community. One of the issues in this show that reflects our reality is the fusion between two different gems is taboo. It is a sin and frowns upon by other gems. When Ruby and Sapphire accidentally fuse for the first time, they almost got shattered by Blue Diamond. 

This is how Rebecca Sugar and her crew creatively portrayed the discrimination that the community is still facing until now. Although it turned out well as always, Ruby and Sapphire marry each other. This is the groundbreaking episode of Steven Universe. Even before a historic same-sex marriage proposal and kiss, the queerness of this show had been a key part of the series. The colorful diversity of Steven Universe is what made it very unique and lovable. 

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