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2023 BEST CHOI’s MINHO – LUCKY CHOI’s: SHINee’s Choi Minho Showers PH Shawols Luck in His First Solo Fan Meet

2023 BEST CHOI’s MINHO – LUCKY CHOI’s: SHINee’s Choi Minho Showers PH Shawols Luck in His First Solo Fan Meet

Choi Minho in Manila

2023 has started off as a year full of surprises and there’s no denying that. And what better way to end January than to have the lucky chance to meet the one and only Choi Minho in the flesh, right? After 6 years since his last visit to the Philippines with SHINee for the One K Global Peace Concert last 2017, Minho is finally back to the welcoming arms of loyal PH Shawols to shower his luck and love.

Choi Minho Manila Fan meet
Choi Minho doing the finger heart in front of his fans. | Photo by Diana Dominguez

Minho’s flaming charisma conquered the enthusiastic halls of SM Mall of Asia Arena, on one marvelous Saturday night last January 28, 2023. It was a night full of excitement, nostalgia, and of course, kilig. Together with Ovation Productions, Minho was able to prepare a rather sentimental reunion with his ever-so-loyal Filipino fans. Some of which have been supporting him since day 1.


The dazzling Choi Minho crazed the fans with an enticing performance of his song “Heartbreak” for his opening act. Following the splendid entrance was a warm greeting to the fans whom he had dearly missed since it’s been a while since his last visit. Minho even said, “I think it is destiny that we meet here today.”

Choi Minho wearing Baring Tagalog.
Choi Minho wearing Barong Tagalog. | Photo by Diana Dominguez

The show’s exciting activities really warmed the hearts of both Minho and the Filo Shawols. Minho got to experience Filipino culture by wearing the Barong Tagalog – the Philippine national costume for men – which he absolutely enjoyed. Later on the show, Minho also danced to Sarah Geronimo’s “Dati-Dati” as a challenge on one of the show segments. Fans thought his little dance was incredibly cute, adding even more “pogi points” to his already overflowing charm.

Fans on stage for a game segment.
Choi Minho with fans on stage during a game segment. | Photo by Diana Dominguez

Lucky fans were able to join him on stage for some fun gamely interactions. Halfway through the show, Minho surprised the fans with a SHINee medley which stirred the hearts of the audience. The dimmed arena lit up with a pearl aqua ocean, waving back and forth.

Minho is not only known as a member of a classic KPop group which popularized KPop in the world even before the mainstream media. He is also a great actor. He appeared in various K-dramas such as To The Beautiful You, Hwarang, and The Fabulous. To showcase his acting skills, he reenacted a few memorable scenes from famous K-dramas like Alchemy of Souls and Descendants of the Sun. And his performance turned out to be so undeniably adorable!

Alchemy of Souls scene reenactment.
Choi Minho reenacting a scene from Alchemy of Souls. | Photo by Diana Dominguez

Fans have anticipated his comeback visit for so long. And it seems like the feeling was mutual as the Philippines is definitely into Minho’s liking. On a Q&A segment, when asked where he would choose to go if he ever chose to run away, Minho undoubtedly said, “If I were to run away somewhere, I think the Philippines would be the best place to go. Nice weather, good food, and good people.”

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During the last segment of the show, Minho expressed his undying appreciation to the fans’ support. Both for him and his beloved group, SHINee. Shawols were seen waving a banner screaming for a SHINee World tour. This caught Minho’s attention and he promised that “I was to make sure that next time, I’ll come together with the other members and show you a good performance. Till then I hope you all stay healthy and always have good news.”

Choi Minho with Fans
Choi Minho during the last act of the show. | Photo by Diana Dominguez

Choi Minho performed a heartwarming rendition of his song “I’m Home” before bidding his farewell to his Filipino fans. Being the softy that he is, it seemed hard for him to let go of such a wonderful moment. Minho took his time to say goodbye to everyone. While leaving touching remarks as he savors the lovely cries of his fans. “I want you to know that you guys are my hope. See you again, bye bye… I love you, bye bye!”

It was definitely a night to remember for the thousands of souls charmed by Minho that night. The 2023 Best Choi’s – Minho Lucky Choi’s fan meet is the definition of good things come to those who wait. And soon it may well be proven again, when Minho fulfills his promise to bring SHINee back on stage for the Filo Shawols and we are all looking forward to that! A bigger and brighter pearl aqua ocean is awaiting such a huge comeback!

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