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Kate Valdez lands lead role for U.S. DREAMWALKER TV series

Kate Valdez lands lead role for U.S. DREAMWALKER TV series

108 Media is producing a live-action television multi-series adaptation of the action-fantasy graphic novel, DREAMWALKER! In case you didn’t know, the comic has become a chart-topping Filipino-American graphic novel of its genre. It’s also worth noting that pop culture blogger and writer, Mikey Sutton. He also co-hosts Rogue’s Gallery on YouTube with Syl Abdul.

108 Media lands top Filipino attachments for the YA premium series adaptation of DREAMWALKER

Of course, when there’s a series adaptation, a creative dream team has to be assembled. And, they are top-notch. The team includes 2022 ContentAsia Award Best Director winner Treb Monteras II as showrunner/director. Aside from that, in-demand Mikhail Red sets to become the series director who has just come off his mega box office blockbuster, Deleter. Then, Los Angeles-based genre maven Kaitlyn Fae Fajilan will be the adaptation’s head writer. And, of course, the model behind the cover herself, GMA’s popular star, and Village Pipol Magazine’s cover girl, Kate Valdez will portray the lead role.

From L to R: Kate Valdez, Treb Monteras II, DREAMWALKER KEY ART,
Kaitlyn Fae Fajilan, and Mikhail Red

The series will be based on the Filipino-American Sutton’s original concept with his Manila-based artistic director, Noel Layon Flores. The DREAMWALKER graphic novel revolves around a monster-slaying vlogger named Kat. And, if you haven’t noticed by now, Kate Valdez served as the model behind the protagonist of the graphic novel. Recently, the comic reached the top of the local Filipino comics charts. Meanwhile, 108 Media emerged as the eventual winner to produce a premium series adaptation. This is for regional and international audiences in mid-2023 towards an early Q2 2024 delivery. 

Executive Producers for the series are Justin Deimen (President – 108 Media), Treb Monteras II, Kirstie Contrevida (Creative Producer – 108 Media), Abhi Rastogi (CEO – 108 Media), and Michael Sutton.

The first season sets to focus on the origin story of the Filipino-American protagonist Kat. She returns to the Philippines under mysterious circumstances. She, then, survives a bus crash and would later find herself gifted with the ability to enter the dreams of others. Aside from that, she also finds out that she can extract weapons temporarily. She wields these against supernatural beings from Filipino folklore. With that, she investigates the source of the monster wave while attempting to help those affected by the looming threat.

Executive producer Justin Deimen sees the potential of the series as a new touchpoint for Southeast Asian genre fare.

The moment we heard about the concept, we knew how far this could travel. The project will be a focal point for Filipino talent across the globe and delivers cultural storytelling in a fresh and commercial way too young adult audiences locally and internationally. Mikey and Noel’s concept coupled with Treb and Mik’s vision and Kaitlyn’s scripts blends fantasy, horror, humor, and high-end action in a way never seen before in regional television.

Sutton conceptualized and wrote the comics. And, he feels ecstatic about the attachment of Kate Valdez as his DREAMWALKER. The actress currently stars in the top-rated Filipino science-fiction Unica Hija on GMA Network.

I randomly discovered Kate Valdez in 2018 while recovering from a near-fatal stroke. I saw her on the GMA drama, Onanay, and her emotionally rich performance and timeless beauty made me declare her the Next Big Thing. I modeled and named Dreamwalker after her. I am also thrilled and honored to work with 108 Media. They’ve been incredibly supportive and wonderful to me. They’ve chosen a top-notch crew to put this project together.

Upon finding out that the ambitious screen adaptation was moving forward with 108 Media, Valdez leaned into her excitement.

When Mikey told me that Dreamwalker would become a TV series and that I was chosen to be the one who will also portray Kat on screen, I was pinching myself because I had no expectations that I would be able to extend my role into a medium that I’m so passionate about in my life. I’m honestly so excited, nervous, and grateful to Mikey and everyone in the project for believing in me to do this major TV project for the Philippines so global audiences can be more exposed to our culture and stories.

The showrunner, Treb is particularly struck by the potential of the series to showcase a new aesthetic style and tone.

The goal is to create an original mind-blowing and visually dynamic series that dives deep into the horrors in our dreams vs. the horrors of our world. We will utilize different mediums and techniques to create breathtaking designs that capture Philippine folklore’s intricate universe.

2022 was a big year for 108 Media!

108 Media recently struck a co-financial deal with BritBox International on Inspector Singh. This currently remains in production and announced a showrunner partnership with horror maestro Neil Marshall on Nightshade. This became his first TV series after Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot. Adding to their local-international Filipino-American content stack, 108 Media remains in pre-production on their feature adaptation of the hit novel Mango Bride with international superstar Sharon Cuneta attached as its star, as well as its executive producer.

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With this continued focus on investing in IP acquisition and development alongside the company’s drive towards consolidating key infrastructures around the media space, 108 Media has assembled a global team of executives across creative development, financing, and a deep and wide distribution network in local and international markets via its subsidiaries acquired in 2022 with more expansion planned in 2023.

As part of its integrated expansion in 2022, 108 Media acquired the formerly AIM-listed DCD Rights and its subsidiaries; invested in Singapore-based animation IP specialists Robot Playground Media, secured a majority stake in one of Asia’s top scripted production companies Revolution Media and purchased management control of one of the UK’s most prominent Film/TV financing firms Piccadilly Pictures last month.

Just in case you missed it…

Kate Valdez actually graced the cover of Village Pipol Magazine which was released just a day before this piece of amazing news was released. During our interview with her last January 13, 2023, we asked her about what she felt about her talent, and her specifically, going beyond the Philippines and reaching international audiences. And, this is what she had to say.

With the help of the people around me, I think kaya naman. Kaya ko siya. Pero, siyempre, gusto kong ma-stretch pa siya para polished. Mag-undergo ng workshops and training para hindi ako mangapa.

[With the help of the people around me, I think I can do it. I can do it. But, of course, I want to stretch it more to make it polished. I want to undergo more workshops and training. That way, I wouldn’t be going in blind.]

Well, we didn’t think it was going to happen this quickly! Are you excited to see Kate Valdez be the DREAMWALKER? We, at Village Pipol Magazine, feel the same way, too!

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