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INSTAGRAM RAID: SHINee’s Key And How He Shines With Every Photo

INSTAGRAM RAID: SHINee’s Key And How He Shines With Every Photo

Kim Kibum, widely known as Key, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, fashion designer, and TV personality. In May 2008, he debuted under SM Entertainment with SHINee, a 5-member boy group, as a lead vocal and dancer. Since then, he rose to stardom in the different areas of entertainment, may it be in music or shows.

INSTAGRAM RAID: SHINee’s Key And How He Shines With Every Photo

Key, an art himself

Other KPOP artists also like to keep their Instagram feeds visually pleasing as well. However, as a person who loves fashion, Kibum ventured into the fashion industry, thus his amazing and unique style makes him stand out among the others. Of course, his artistic and perfect fashion sense is very evident on his Instagram feed as well. Really, what’s a handsome face and heavenly talent without a great amount of fashion, uniqueness, arts, and aesthetics? Key can’t relate.

Boyfriend looks by Kim Kibum

Key may not be the exact person in SHINee that you will think of first when you think of a boyfriend (yes, I’m talking about you, Choi Minho). He never lacks boyfriend photos, anyway! Even though he’s sometimes more savage than sweet to a woman, these Instagram photos of him will make you imagine a date with him!

Amazing Saturday Photos

Amazing Saturday is a Korean Variety show that Kibum stars in. The casts of the said Variety Show dress up every week depending on that episode’s theme. Of course, Kibum also loves posting his one-of-a-kind get-ups! May it be an OOTD photo all by himself or with a fellow cast member, Key never fails to flaunt how gorgeously he can deliver any outfit!

Key and art? A perfect combination!

As a person who loves art, Kibum always makes sure to share his art ventures on Instagram. Sometimes, it is a trip to the museum, a random aesthetic wall—anything! He can literally turn any Instagram feed into an art museum with his unique taste and picturesque activities! Well, indeed, Kim Kibum is THE art and we’re all just audiences!

Music promotions, of course!

As a member of the legendary KPOP group, SHINee, and as an awesome soloist as well, Key does not deprive ShaWols (SHINee World, the name of SHINee’s fans) of photos from music promotions! His Instagram feed is once in a while filled with album covers, teasers, concept photos, and more! He also adds some photos from his solo live performances. And, of course, these are all over-the-top aesthetically pleasing! Talk about being a great dancer and singer onstage while still being a gorgeous, Instagram-worthy human being! Learn it from the master himself, Kim Kibum!

And lastly, the one thing that Kim Kibum never forgets—SHINee

If you’re a fan of SHINee, it’s not an unknown knowledge to you that Kibum is most of the time savage to his members. Sometimes, their endless bickerings even make non-fans think twice about their closeness! Nevertheless, Kibum’s Instagram Feed shows just how much he loves and appreciates his members.

He occasionally posts their group photos, and sometimes solo photos with either Onew, Minho, or Taemin. Of course, he never forgets to upload photos with Jonghyun too, their late member. He may be the most bullying and savage among SHINee, but needless to say, Kim Kibum loves his members so much.

Well, just like the first verse of SHINee’s song, “Our Page”, which is dedicated to their late member Jonghyun, says:

Can you feel it? We’re connected.
A transparent heart that you can’t see like an invisible thread.
Talk to me and make a promise to the sky,
I’ll keep going no matter what the hard road is.

SHINee’s Our Page, 2018

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Truly, Key is one of the most iconic male Kpop idols in the industry. And, that’s not only because of his amazing talent in singing, dancing, and acting. However, his unique fashion and art sense! It’s like a treat for the eyes in every scroll! If you want new visual inspiration for your next Instagram feed peg, follow Key on Instagram, @bumkeyk!

And just like that, we have finished another round of Instagram Raid! Which among these photos of Key do you like most? How will you rate the aesthetics of his feed? Let us know!

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