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10 Must-Have Baking Tools To Start Your Baking Journey!

10 Must-Have Baking Tools To Start Your Baking Journey!

If you’re planning to bake at home or aspiring to start a business, it just opens endless possibilities for you. With many things to prepare for, your baking tools must be the first on your list, and you will need a few tips to give you a head start.

Baking tools are hand-held devices that will allow you to achieve a task. It doesn’t have to be too expensive or fancy! As long as it does the job and is sturdy enough for daily use, for a home baker like you.

This guide contains 10 baking tools and where to buy them to get you started!

1.    Weighing Scale

This tool is a needed tool for bakers for precise measurements of ingredients. An accurate baking scale ensures your baked products’ consistency when following a recipe. It makes the difference between a successful baking journey and a culinary mishap. There are many weighing scales available in the market like digital or mechanical scales.

2.    Measuring Cups and Spoons

When measuring baking ingredients, precision is critical. A baker must have a full set of measuring cups and a spoon for both liquid and dry. Many recipes provide measurements in cups or spoons, so keep this tool in an easy-to-reach place. Moreover, you may also use a conversion table to convert grams to cups or vice versa. Look for measuring cups and spoons with sturdy handles and clear labels on measurements.

3.    Whisk

To blend your ingredients quickly, the whisk is your best friend. From blending, whisking, beating, and stirring, it can handle any job. Especially if you don’t have a stand or hand mixer, a wire whisk can add air to the mixture or thoroughly mix your ingredients together.

4.    Sifter/ Fine-Mesh Sieve

These fine-mesh strainers or sifters made out of finely woven steel mesh in a basket with handles and hooks. For sifting dry ingredients to ensure no unwanted particles get into your products or for dusting powdered sugar or cocoa into baked products. You can also use this for straining liquids like stocks, and desserts like leche flan. This tool comes in handy for bakers!

5.    Mixing Bowls

An indispensable tool to your list, for mixing ingredients together. They come in different sizes, colors, and materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or plastic. You should have at least three mixing bowls in different sizes to keep your ingredients separated. Deeper bowls are perfect for mixing batters and hydrating doughs while wider and shallower bowls are best for easier maneuvering your non-baking ingredients. Look for a mixing bowl that doesn’t absorb stains.

6.    Spatula

This hand-held tool is something every home baker must own. For scraping, flipping, lifting, and spreading any baked products. This is very convenient for folding wet and dry ingredients together. Make sure to get a silicone spatula since it offers a high heat resistance compared to rubber ones.

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7.    Rolling Pin

This tool is primarily for rolling out the dough for pastries such as pies, cookies, puff pastries, and bread doughs like cinnamon rolls or pizza, for an even and smoother dough. With a wide range of designs, shapes, materials, and sizes, make sure to get a rolling pin that can cover the width of the dough and about 18” to 24”. A traditional rolling pin is a good choice for an all-rounder for baking.

8.    Baking Pan

If you push through your baking venture into cakes, a baking pan is something you should take advantage of. It comes from different kinds, shapes, and materials as well. It can be aluminum, silicone, or glass. You can use any material as long as it is durable, can heat up quickly, and distribute the heat well. For baking your cakes, brownies, cookies, and bread.  For starters, you can have just one round pan, one square, and one rectangular pan.

9.    Brush

A pastry brush or a basting brush is essential in spreading butter, glaze, or oil on your food. Modern pastry brushes are now silicone as they can withstand any temperature.

10. Turntable 

A cake turntable is perfect for putting smooth sheets of icing on your cake, pipe frosting, and for adding decorations. For a baker to reach all corners of the cake, a turntable will help you move the cake easily without changing your position. This will make your baking journey a lot easier!

There you have it, your baking tools to start your baking life! Happy baking!

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