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The “Pinoy Waffle” Business Partners

The “Pinoy Waffle” Business Partners

‘Most people think that when a person starts to sign up for a “business partnership” one thought that the benefits are only because of its profits excluding the risk of losses or failure’.

Pinoy Waffle started its humble beginnings from one (1) food cart located in Robinsons Place Novaliches previously situated on the 4th floor near the Cinema and had transferred in front of the Supermarket.

One of the Pinoy Waffle business partners, Angelica Castillo, began working for Forever Living Products in 2001. She was still a college student back then. There she learned the ins and outs of being a salesperson. Angelica learned to do business presentation and made her way to stand on her own two feet. She may not be one of their company’s success stories but Angelica became successful in her own terms when Ms. Castillo entered a franchising company.

The year 2002 Angelica Castillo decided to apply for a job in Potato Cuddler. It was located at Unit 1606 Jollibee Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Ms. Castillo got the attention of the CEO/President. Consequently, he won his heart by being true to her dreams of one day becoming a millionaire. After Ms. Angelica Castillo’s conversation with the President, she was offered a position as a business development manager. However, Ms. Castillo refused. She felt that she needs to hone her skills and knowledge before she accepts the job as a Manager. The CEO/President with awe in his eyes just nodded and hired her as a Franchise Consultant. 

Path to Success

After carefully studying the contracts and policies in franchising, Angelica Castillo closed 10 deals in a matter of one week. It struck the CEO/President’s attention as he previously hired other employees for the same position. But, he never had the result he eagerly expected from his current and previously hired employees. He even asked Ms. Castillo to train current employees. He made her and the whole team target the same sales output.  

After one (1) month on the job, Angelica Castillo got promoted as the New Business Development Manager. She grew 30 franchise stores in two (2) months. After reaching this milestone Angelica Castillo was again promoted as the General Manager of the company. She also grew 60 stores in barely six (6) months of operations.

Angelica Castillo worked for almost ten (10) months with the company. Then, she decided to leave her job and pursue her dreams of becoming rich. 

Friends as Business Partners

The first quarter of 2003, Angelica Castillo invited her close personal friends to join her and create a company that she desired to call “Pinoy Waffle Corner”. Angelica Castillo wanted to develop a product that can meet Filipino taste buds and eventually be known across the country that offers a wide variety of fillings that are considered Pinoy favorites.

Continuous nightly meetings were held together with Angelica Castillo’s friends in Mcdonald’s Pasig City. They discuss their plans for building a company. Angelica Castillo was instructed by one of her capitalist-industrialist partners, Mr. Fabris Philip Suarez to perfect her waffle recipe. He said that this will ensure the strong foundation of the product.

Angelica Castillo requested the assistance of her sister, Ana Francesca Castillo since she is a great baker herself. Both Angelica Castillo and Ana Francesca Castillo perfected the recipe in a day and forwarded the final product to Angelica Castillo’s capitalist-industrialist business partner Mr. Fabris Philip Suarez. Together with Mr. Frederick Dela Cruz and Mr. Juan Paolo Dela Paz also took the role of the industrial partner.

Ever-growing Business Partners

One of the Pinoy Waffle business partners, Frederick Dela Cruz is an OFW in Saudi Arabia. He worked as an IT Consultant for 5 years where he honed his skills and gained the trust and confidence of his work colleagues. 

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He had been friends with Angelica Castillo since 2000. They met at the head office of Forever Living Products in Greenhills San Juan. Frederick Dela Cruz mentored Angelica Castillo for 1 year since he wanted her to be one of the success stories as he saw the potential in her. 

During that time, Frederick Dela Cruz had a vision that someday she will be riding her own car and shall become successful on her own terms whether in Forever Living or not. He once told Angelica Castillo that in his belief any of her endeavors will be a success. 

Angelica Castillo, and Fabris Philip Suarez together with their business partners Frederick Dela Cruz agreed to rent an office space in Suite 808 Tektite West Tower in Ortigas Center Pasig City, an office where they could accommodate business transactions and be able to work and focus on the structure and system of the company.

Pinoy Waffle Corner has been registered and started its endeavor

In a matter of one, (1) month after processing permits and/or business requirements Pinoy Waffle Corner has been registered and started its endeavor in their first branch located in Robinsons Place Novaliches. After (2) months, awarded five (5) franchise stores which were in Robinsons Place Metro East, Enterprise Building in Makati Robinsons Place Sta Rosa, Robinsons Galleria, and Robinsons Place Imus. After six (6) months the company reached its target of 100 stores luzonwide. 

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