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Mosboron Beach Resort is your next travel destination in Bicol

Mosboron Beach Resort is your next travel destination in Bicol

Albay is not only famous for its majestic view of Mayon Volcano, but there are also perfect beach destinations for you and your family! If you’re looking for one of the most budget-friendly beaches situated in the province of Albay, Mosboron Beach Resort would be the best option for you to visit with your friends and family!

A treat of fresh ocean breeze

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With just a PHP 30 regular entrance fee and PHP 20 for senior citizens and kids, you can now enjoy the pristine beach of Mosboron and view the breathtaking island of Cagraray. The wonders of white sand, and clean and calm seawater, will surely give you instant relaxation. You can set up tents or rent a cottage and bring packed food and snacks with no corkage fee to worry about! There is also a sari-sari store available where you can buy other food and drinks.

How to get there:

Mosboron Beach Resort Facebook Page

By private vehicle:

From Legazpi City, it would only take an hour to reach the Mosboron Beach Resort, drive to Sula Bridge in Bacacay, Albay, and straight to Barangay Misibis. It is just beside the Misibis Bay Resort and after an almost 10-minute walk, you can already see the signage of the resort.

You can also hail a service going to the resort for a more convenient mode of transportation since public transport is not yet available going straight to the resort.

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Mosboron Beach Resort Facebook Page

Swimming here early in the morning and late afternoon would be the best time to enjoy the beach, as you can enjoy the perfect level of clear water or just relax on the shore. Upon sunset, you wouldn’t want to miss the spectacular view and capture that moment. So don’t forget to bring your OOTDs and camera to get that IG-worthy shot!

The area is not yet fully developed but it wouldn’t stop you from enjoying the natural landscape. When going home, you can also do a side trip at Cagraray Eco-Energy Park which offers a plethora of activities, or the stop-worthy Sula Bridge, both along the way from Mosboron Beach.

So get that vitamin sea and when you visit here, make sure to leave no trace!

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