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Zootopia+ Series Review

Zootopia+ Series Review

Zootopia, released in 2016, has become the fan favorite of both children and not-so-young audiences. The fable tackled deep storylines. The contemporary fables were then told to the children. Its strengths are witty storytelling dialogues and creative world-building that make the story work.

Because of this, an animated spin-off series directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush. Zootopia+ highlights the supporting characters from the first film. The events of the spin-off series also take place in the same timeline as the movie.

The series is only six episodes long and runs around 8 minutes each. But this doesn’t stop the series from being an extension and exploratory sequel of the main film. The series highlights the secondary characters from the film. If you haven’t watched the series yet, this is the spoiler warning for you.

Photo | Walt Disney Animation Studios

Welcome back to Zootopia

The first episode features Bonnie and Stu as Judy departs for Zootopia. After saying goodbye to their daughter, Bonnie and Stu spotted their youngest daughter, Molly atop the train. Because of this, they chased after the train as it journeyed through the different habitats in Zootopia. 

There are two episodes that explore the stories of the arctic shrews. Mockumentary was used to narrate Fru-Fru’s wedding. And Mr. Big’s humble beginnings pay homage to the classic The Godfather.

Aside from that, the series also features Duke Weaselton in a musical about how to change the course of his life. He keeps on reflecting on why he is stuck in a loop of crimes and prison. Duke then realizes that the real issue is his past. Decided that he is about to turn his ways, and one thing happened that changed his life, sort of. 

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Another episode focuses on Clawhauser joining the biggest talent showing Zootopia. Gazelle is looking for backup dancers. Clawhauser then tricks Bogo into joining the talent show, saying that they are undercover agents. But as they are about to dance, Clawhauser comes clean. Bogo was enraged about what happened. He then leaves Clawhauser. As Clawhauser is about to be eliminated, Bogo comes back as they dance and win the talent show. 

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The last episode features the sloths, Flash and Priscilla on their date. Sam, the otter waitress, is about to leave the restaurant for Gazelle’s concert but was faced with a challenge. The sloths entered the restaurant. As the sloths are slow in motion and words, Sam can’t serve other customers for she can’t leave the sloths’ table. This led to chaos in the restaurant. But the chaotic scene was calmed down when Flash proposes to Priscilla, which she accepts happily.

Continuing the Disney Magic

Photo | Walt Disney Animation Studios

As Walt Disney Animation Studios doesn’t disappoint, all of the concepts in the series are brilliant. The energy and creativity of the series follow the movie. The movie carried over the same storytelling. This series is highly commendable for fans who want to explore more about the world of Zootopia. All episodes have their own flair. The story narrates visually. It is paired with dialogues, jokes, and allegories. The small and great details of the series make for superb world-building. This makes the series worth rewatching.

You can watch the series on Disney+.

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