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4 Film Series I’m Looking Forward to Binge on Disney+

4 Film Series I’m Looking Forward to Binge on Disney+

Disney+ on Mobile

After a long and tiring day, lounging on a couch and watching films can relieve work-related tension and stress. With the recent launch of Disney+, film fans can either rewatch classics or discover a new movie to love.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been hyping the release of Disney+ with celebrities, hashtags, and advertisements. For a week now, #DisneyPlusPH is promoted under the Philippines trend. Fans of SB19’s Stell have been making noise following his performance to mark the launch of the subscription service.

The amount of promotion is not something that anyone can ignore – myself included. A quick scroll on the Twitter handle of Disney+ Philippines made me want to free my schedule and binge films that are close to my heart.

4 Film Series I’m Looking Forward to Binge on Disney+

Star Wars movies

My idea of fun in high school is watching Star Wars theories and waiting until someone would understand my references. The delight I get whenever my “hello there” is answered with a “General Kenobi!” is incomparable. Binge-watching Star Wars movies, especially the prequel trilogy, would bring back my early memories and geek side. I would love to fall in love once again with its universe and characters. I would smile whenever I get to recite remarkable lines. With good food and drinks, I would reminisce about the time I was introduced to a franchise that became one of my favorites.

Promotional Material for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Marvel Cinematic Universe films

Superheroes, mythology, science, romance, and character designs you’d often see during Halloween and cosplay conventions – Marvel has it all. I haven’t watched all MCU films and the launch of Disney+ in the Philippines gave me an excuse to binge-watch. Hopefully, my friends would stop bugging me about these stories.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films posters
Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Kidding aside, I truly enjoyed watching the Spider-Man and Thor movies. Not every MCU film will be on Disney+, but with the majority of them there, it will be easier to stream. Next time, I hope to find myself rambling about the lore or asking a lot of questions. We’ll see.


Browsing my followed playlists on Spotify would tell you that I’m a musical fan. From classics like The Sound of Music to more recent ones like Hamilton, films with music make me want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs without caring whether I’m still in tune. My love for musicals stemmed from how fascinated I get whenever I hear characters express different kinds of emotions through songs.

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Hamilton and Friends: A scene from the filmed version of Hamilton's Broadway Production
Hamilton’s Broadway Production

Watching films and listening to music are some of the best ways to relax. Musicals give you the option to do both at the same time. Disney+ offers dozens of these types of films to watch so, besides the ones I’ve seen, I might be able to add more to my favorites.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV Show

Ever since Rick Riordan teased the more accurate adaption of Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO), I’ve been on the edge, waiting. PJO has been a huge part of my life since childhood and seeing the characters come to life from book series to TV gives me something to look forward to.

Official Trailer of Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Disney+

Fans from the Philippines were worried when it was announced that it is a Disney+ original. But since we have access now, the excitement only grows. Re-experiencing the series again, from the deadly quests to awkward teenage flirting, would be memorable. You will definitely hear me talk about it once it’s up.

Starting at ₱159/month, film fans can embrace the nostalgia brought by Star Wars movies, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Disney animated films, to name a few titles. For more information, you can check the Disney Plus website. Happy watching!

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