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YouTubers sleep-deprived people can watch to sleep

YouTubers sleep-deprived people can watch to sleep

Some of us had issues with our sleeping routine even before the pandemic. A lot of us have been sleep-deprived due to many different factors. For some nocturnal ones, not enough sleep isn’t a big problem for them. However, they still tend to struggle in finding the right time and right way to sleep. Yet today, some of us are fond of watching videos online just to fall asleep.

If you’re one of those people, here are a few YouTubers you can watch to sleep:

Man + River

If you are a fan of water and treasure hunts, this YouTuber is the best watch. Dallas Rowley is a scuba diver who films his adventures on every lake or river he visits for a treasure hunt. Not only that, but he also went to lost rivers and look for anything beneath the water.

What’s more interesting about this YouTuber is that in every treasure he found, he always makes sure to return it to the owner.


Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s Skypodcast is actually a video podcast uploaded on youtube. These are a series of videos with different topics that this couple answers and talks about. What I like about Skypodcast is that you can really relate to their topics and can actually get to learn from them.

More so, all of their topics are relevant and timely to their viewers, so you won’t actually get bored. If you wanted to sleep calmly, Skypodcast can help you have one. Whenever I get to watch their episodes, I always left my phone turned on while their videos are still playing. If you are not that comfortable watching them sleep, you can check their official Spotify account.

Having a good sleep is so important. And these YouTubers got your back!

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is one of the popular YouTubers who hosts a channel dedicated to food and travel. He travels around the world and samples various local cuisines, from street food to fine dining. With his great enthusiasm for food, I really find him so comforting to watch at night. 

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Additionally, I really am so fond of watching Mark Wiens’s honest review of whatever he ate in every country. At night, I feel like watching a typical ASMR with every mouthwatering food he tries. Watching food vlogs are really effective if you are having a hard time sleeping at night. 

Geo Ong

Lastly, among all the popular YouTubers today — Geo Ong is really my to-go whenever I cannot sleep at night. My love for nature trips and travel is actually the vibe that Ong Fam gives off to their viewers. Watching his videos, it always feels like I am with them — traveling and enjoying the beauty of water and nature around Palawan.

Geo Ong and his very genuine Ong fam can really be your night buddy to sleep. You can really find solace and peace in his videos. With the beauty of Palawan, I certainly am sure that you’ll really love this young YouTuber. Although it would require you to watch his other videos, the calmness within them would make you fall asleep.

Since you’re just here, subscribe to their youtube channel for more upcoming videos from them. Also, you can also follow them through their socials for more updates!

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