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Filipino Mukbang? Check these YouTubers Out

Filipino Mukbang? Check these YouTubers Out

Mukbang is among the most famous things that many Youtubers worldwide feature on their YouTube channels. In simple terms, mukbang is a video where people watch the host eat bountiful amounts of food. This video idea may be famous among Koreans, but Filipino Mukbangs are getting into the trend too!

Filipino Mukbang? Check these YouTubers Out

Calina Brothers (Mountain of Lechon Kawali)

This YouTube channel by Calina Brothers features different Filipino mukbang videos that have garnered over 76 million views since 2019. They do outdoor cooking from the first video they posted until today. That means that they are the one who cooks their food in an open space. Because of the pandemic, Aljon Calina came up with the idea to start a YouTube channel and asked his brother Aljiemar to join him. As of today, they have over half a million YouTube subscribers.

Youtube | Calina Brothers

Meanwhile, in their most famous mukbang video, they were eating a mountain of Lechon kawaliLechon kawali is a Filipino crispy deep-fried pork belly dish. This video has almost 3 million views and counting.

Filipino Mukbang by Diskarteng Basic (One Whole Lechon Baboy)

If you want to see putok-batok Filipino mukbang videos, you can head to Diskarteng Basic’s YouTube channel. Robert Delos Santos operates this channel with over 275k YouTube subscribers. He first started posting mukbang videos and food challenges with his family; today, his channel has more than 30 million views.

Youtube | Diskarteng Basic

Robert mostly eats putok-batok dishes like Lechon kawali, numerous baluts, bone marrows, and much more. In his most popular video, he ate a whole Lechon baboy with his wife. The video had over 3.3 million views.

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Naomi BITES (1 Tray of Balut)

Another video that would enter the million club of Filipino mukbang videos is from Naomi BITES. This video has 3.8 million views where Naomi Peña was eating one tray of balut. This kind of content is famous among Filipinos because balut is known to have much cholesterol, and eating one tray of balut? Not all people can do that.

Youtube | Naomi BITES

Her YouTube channel has almost 270k subscribers and a total of 25 million channel views since she started posting mukbang videos last year.

There are a lot more Filipino mukbangers on YouTube. Some of them feature Filipino cuisine and even put twists on these dishes. Let me know who would be your best Filipino mukbang YouTuber!

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