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INSTAGRAM RAID: Chelsea Valencia, fashionable and sophisticated

INSTAGRAM RAID: Chelsea Valencia, fashionable and sophisticated

Chelsea Valencia, a 23-year-old lifestyle Youtuber shares a glimpse of her day-to-day life in her ~aesthetic~ vlogs. Aside from creating vlogs, people know her for having a great fashion sense. Looking through her Instagram, you would know the reason why.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Chelsea Valencia, fashionable and sophisticated

Chelsea Valencia in her Classy Cold Fit

This photo shows how Chelsea makes different clothing pieces look perfect and well-combined. I love the beret hat which goes along with her denim bag. Also, the boots look lovely and chic.

The Beauty of Oversized Coat

Definitely one of my favorite looks from Chelsea. The maxi skirt with ruched details on the side looks absolutely gorgeous. Plus the choice of bag, shades, and boots is just perfect. The oversized coat completed the whole fit and made it more sophisticated.

Gray Suit

Pairing this oversized gray suit with a sneaker screams comfort yet still look chic. A great choice to incorporate her style actually. The brown cap looked cute and served as a pop of color to the whole outfit.

Chelsea Valencia in her Signature Style

Can we just talk about her signature style? An oversized coat is definitely her thing. This time it’s an all-white coat which she turned into a dress! She even paired it with zebra-printed boots which made it more chic!

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Brunch Outfit

Green looked good on Chelsea. Love how she styled it with a loafer and socks. Plus the midi skirt and her tank top were a good combo. Her yellow bag also added an extra pop of color to the whole fit.

Cream Monochrome

This color screams classy and expensive. The top and pants paired with a satin button-down definitely looked gorgeous. Also love her choice of bag to be black to give contrast to her outfit.

Chelsea Valencia has a unique style and we totally saw it with how she carries herself in her Instagram photos. Comment your favorite look from her.

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