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What it truly means to be a liberal.

What it truly means to be a liberal.

The word “liberal” is the subject of disinformation campaigns against liberal and progressive political parties around the world. And now, democracy is in danger.

Liberalism according to far-right critics

The narrative against liberalism today is very disappointing and misleading. Far-right conservatives have been at the forefront of propaganda against progressive and liberal democracy.

Some claim that liberalism is communism. They say that just because the former dwells on protests, healthy debates, and progressive ideals. And importantly, that narrative is direct harassment we call red-tagging.

Ideals like gender equality, freedom from poverty, religious freedom, social justice, and people’s participation in governance are the foundations of liberalism. To some, these ideals sound too radical for a free society because it goes against their prejudices and outdated beliefs.

A liberal is not radical.

US Pres. Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris with the First Lady and Second Gentleman. (Photo: Grazia)

One of the famous quotes of liberals is “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death your right to say it.”

Liberals basically believe that all ideas are legitimate as long as they are rooted in facts and dignity. There are liberals who agree with abortion and there are those who are against it. There are liberals who are for same-sex marriage while some only agree with a union. Most liberals believe in a free market while some still are into trickle-down economics. Some still are not open to those issues and for liberals, it’s ok.

Prominent liberals today are Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Justin Trudeau, Leni Robredo, and NZ PM Jacinda Ardern. They might belong to the same umbrella, but they still differ in some issues and specific stands.

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Liberals never box nor dictate anyone to be something.

Anyone who values democracy and liberalism listens to everyone. However, a liberal does not easily believe anything. They scrutinize beliefs under a microscope to see if there are underlying bigotries or misconceptions. And when there are flaws, liberals readily point them out. After all, that is how it should be.

Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Red is red. And whether you like red or not, it’s OK. You know what’s not OK? Dressing me in red when I did not consent and when I do not like wearing one.

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