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Best Presidents We Never Had

Best Presidents We Never Had

Presidents win elections, but real leaders win the people’s hearts. In a contest of popularity, these leaders fail to deliver votes. However, in the course of history, these leaders prove to win the test of time: How do they do that? They just leave a record of integrity and a legacy of not just leading but also doing.

Here are some prominent presidentiables we wish have lead the Philippines at some point in history.

Senator Raul Roco


Senator Raul Roco is a senator from Bicol whose conviction is as tough as true uragon. Who can forget his sharp judgment and fiery speeches during the impeachment trial of ex Pres. Joseph Estrada. He maybe a sweet man but only corruption makes him spicy as a Bicol express.

Roco tries over and over again to give the Filipino people the change it needs. He ran for president in 1998 and in 2004 but lost to Presidents Estrada and Arroyo respectively. He is the founder also of Aksyon Demokratiko, a party whose foundation is social democracy. Many prominent leaders today look up to him as an inspiration like Mayor Vico Sotto, ex VP Leni Robredo and ex Manila Mayor Isko Moreno-Domagoso.

Senate President Jovito Salonga


Senator Jovito Salonga has always been a fighter. He is a part of the soldiers who are fighting Japanese forces during the Second World War. As a senator, he is known for being a critic of then President Ferdinand Marcos. He is a part of the opposition during the 70’s and is one of the victims of the Plaza Miranda bombing. During those times, he was campaigning with the Liberal Party local and senatorial slate when Marcos’ men attack bomb them.

All throughout the Martial Law until the EDSA revolution he fights alongside the Filipino people resisting the Marcos dictatorship. He then eventually chairs the Philippine Commission on Good Governance (PCGG) under the Cory Aquino administration. He initiates the retrieval of the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. Shortly, he comes back to the Senate and later sits as the Senate President.

Salonga is the author behind laws such as the Code of Conduct for Public Employees, Anti-Plunder Law and Anti-Coup d’etat Act.

He also is the leader of the 12 senators who reject the stay of the US bases under the RP-US treaty.

Jovito launch his presidential bid in 1992 under the Liberal Party alongside his VP bet Sen. Nene Pimentel of PDP-Laban. They had a rough battle due to lack of endorsement from President Aquino who supports rival who would be President Fidel Ramos.

Vice President Leni Robredo

Office of the Vice President

She has all the quality a president needs to possess.

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Talk about integrity, she often receives unqualified opinion for clean use of budget from the Commission on Audit. Her last day in office coincides with that very commendation from COA.

She has the experience. Atty. Leni has a legal record of winning cases for farmers, workers and human rights victims. Robredo also boasts a record of progressive bills for gender equality, anti-political dynasty and reforms as a congresswoman.

As the Vice President, she flexes a lot of good programs. She launches the Angat Buhay program under her office, providing housing, disaster aid and livelihood for the Filipinos. Leni also is famous for her strategic pandemic response. From PPE’s, online consultation, job hubs, online learning spaces and others, she has it!

But unfortunately, God has other plans for her. The Filipino people decides and it’s not Leni Robredo.

Despite that, she never stops helping people and introduces now Angat Buhay as an NGO, and one of the largest volunteer network in history.

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