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A Working Student is a Consistent University’s Lister

A Working Student is a Consistent University’s Lister

University’s Lister or commonly known as Dean’s/President’s Lister is one of the most sought achievement of students. Becoming a consistent honor student is hard. What more for those working students who manage to be a part of honor roll, don’t you think?

Everyone is working hard to be part of this achievement and careful enough not to neglect a subject as it might backfire to their grades.

Persistency in Achieving

Of course, this is not about mocking those grade conscious students nor those students who are okay with a passing grades. But rather be inspired for those thriving to achieve something.

Each subjects in college has their own challenges to their students. Making sure to comply and attend to its requirements is a big deal. It is something that you should be proud of. I mean, not all students can do it like you, right?

Being a part of University’s Lister in every semester is another level of determination. It shows how strong, dedicated, consistent, and academically capable you are.

It is not just about achieving it in school, you might also want to add this on your curriculum vitae. This is an asset for you. It means that you can excel in your chosen field.

POV of a Consistent University’s Lister

Daniel Asido started working at the age of 20, when he was an incoming 3rd year student. It was the start of pandemic when he applied to work in The Post (The Philippine Online Student Tambayan) and still working in the same company now that he is already 22 and a graduating student.

He’s been a consistent President’s Lister since 2nd semester of school year 2018-2019 until present. Hard work really pays off, and he is hoping to graduate with flying colors.

Daniel decided to work because he wanted to hone his writing skills. Aside from that, of course he also wanted to earn his own money. Improving skills while earning is a wise move, isn’t it?

Awarding of Daniel Asido | Sikat Awards

Passing his school works is kind of easy as it mainly consists of written works, which is in favor to him. However, dealing with mental pressure is taking a toll on him.

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Fortunately, his working time is flexible. He can adjust it to prioritize his studies. Aside from that, he can also have “me time” to relax himself and lessen stress. He mainly does it through eating out, exercising, cycling, and hanging out with friends if opportunity allows.

“Having ‘me time’ is important for a working student as we need to detoxify our mind with work and work all the time”

Daniel Asido

Get Inspired

Time management is Daniel’s biggest challenge as a working student. Having two commitments (with work and school) and performing excellently in academics really takes a lot of time and effort.

Different people have different struggles in life so we should not invalidate someone’s experiences, especially if the expectations were failed to meet.

“It’s hard to say what could encourage people to continue. Committing for the two (working while studying) will surely take a lot of time, but the hard work will be worth it in the end.”

Daniel Asido

Perseverance should apply in everyday life and never stop seeking for a new learning.

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