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What happened to Kakampinks after the election?

What happened to Kakampinks after the election?

The Philippine election is one of the most controversial elections in the whole world. Especially because of the parties involved in the two highest positions in the government. Supporters of opposing parties exert extra effort to support their candidates. One of the most talked-about events during the campaign period is the pink movement. Led by former Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, million Kakampinks all over the country showed unwavering support and volunteerism.

Robredo’s opponent was inaugurated last June 30, two months after the election. The former VP left his seat and people are back to their lives. However, Kakampinks continue the movement and has become part of the “biggest volunteer-driven foundation” in the country – the Angat Buhay Foundation.

Let’s have an update about the Kakampinks today.

Thanksgiving Celebration

During the counting of partial unofficial votes, Leni-Kiko team had a thanksgiving ceremony to their supporters called Atin ang Liwanag: Isang Pasasalamat. Thousands of Kakampinks attended the event held in Ateneo de Manila CampusThis is when Robredo announced that she will launch the Angat Buhay foundation right after she left her position. The Leni-Kiko volunteer centers lie-lowed for a while. Some continue to volunteer at headquarters while others showed their support online.

The Pink Museum

With all the memorabilia and merchandise given to Team Leni during the campaign period, they decided to create a museum for them. The Pink Museum is now officially called the Museo ng Pag-asa. It will be the storage of all pink merch. One in Manila and one in Naga City, the hometown of Robredo, is the initial plan.

Kakampinks are excited about this museum since these gifts are not just gifts. Every single thing in the museum carries different memories and hard work. Supporters will surely visit these museums once opened to the public. To fund the foundation, the team is planning to auction and sell other memorabilia.

Angat Buhay Foundation

On July 1, the day after she left the OVP, Robredo launched the Angat Buhay Foundation. It aims to help alleviate poverty, especially among those living in far-flung areas. Thousands of Kakampinks signed up to volunteer after the launching and still continues. People are looking forward to what this foundation will bring to the Filipinos. After all, it was claimed the biggest volunteer movement in the country.

Kakampinks continue to support the pink movement and Atty. Robredo. The Tropang Angat is also one of the heads of this foundation that oversees the overall process.

We are all rooting for the Angat Buhay Foundation to succeed since it has pro-poor and pro-marginalized goals. We may witness the tagline, Sa Gobyernong Tapat, Angat Buhay Lahat, in Leni Robredo’s Foundation.

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