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The Divine Feminine may end the patriarchal reign

The Divine Feminine may end the patriarchal reign

In our predominantly patriarchal society, there are different existing concepts and social structures designed to shackle women from the prisons designed and built with incriminating and oppressive gender roles and social expectations.

The Divine Feminine may end the patriarchal reign

The harder reality is that this sexist social structure that places men in a place of privilege and superiority is heavily embedded not only in the current social landscape of the 21st century but also in the historic foundations of our social institutions. Men for the longest of times have monopolized different social facets from the academic sphere to politics and even religion.

The religious effect.

It is important to understand that religion is not a mere dimension of social ideologies but rather it is the common foundation of social order, philosophy, and the mandated need for morality. Religion is not a concept that was only relevant in the old world.

Rather, it is a form of ideation that continues to shape social behavior up to this date. Religion is undeniably masculine. Tracing back, however, there are multitudes of reasons why it was shaped with such masculine imagery.

Religion is masculine not because social forces constructed it to be that way but rather because it was intentionally designed by men to be this way (Gross, 2008).

The image of God

The irony is that while most believe that men were created in the image of God, the opposite is true. God was designed from the image of men. Back in the time before formal governance, before the social contract. The only thing that we had was our bodies. Then, we are wired to cluster with people of the same characteristics. It is this cluster that would breed years of the gender divide.

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Men needed something that would ensure that they would have the upper hand; hence, stories of fire-giving giant men and masculine hunters with braided beards were constructed and passed on in order to sustain the illusion that men are powerful. To give the illusion that men are superior. Religion is the oldest existing chain that has shackled and shamed women into obedience.

The patriarchy

Religion is established to justify the actions and failures of men while shaming and controlling women. Men are allowed to be weak of the flesh, men are allowed to marry multiple women, and men are allowed to lead while women are expected to be virtuous, to remain pure and innocent, and to be obedient and subservient.

These olden days of masculine religiosity and monopoly are almost over. Divine Feminine gives God a female face- a feminine counterpart. The symbol is the new symbol of life and it is not violent and restrictive. It is gentle, life-giving, and nurturing. Men would not exist without women. Hence, this must mean that God is indeed a woman. The feminists are wrong, it is not only the future that is female, but rather everything from the beginning, the now and the end has always been female forced to wear a masculine mask.

The divine feminine is not only a feminist concept, it is not only religion but rather it is the end of the patriarchal reign. Divine is feminine and feminine is divine. God- whoever she is- is finally smiling down upon women. In the face of the female God, the patriarchal system is sure to crumble, one phallic symbol at a time.

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